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Industrial Band Silence Embrace Drops The Dystopian Cyberpunk EP, Meta Queer Dolls

Ohio-based industrial band, Silence Embrace has just dropped their new EP, Meta Queer Dolls. Cyberpunk soundscapes for a dystopian future. That’s Meta Queer Dolls.

Dead hardware, obsolete programs & formats (VHS) summarize the album’s themes. Even the cover is based on dead media and video games.

Individual tracks, however have stories of their own. „The House Awaits“ is a darkwave trance track that takes inspiration from pop culture characters. The album outro, „Pandemic“ is an instrumental witch-house track that starts with haunting chants, thick soundscapes and summarizes the journey taken throughout the ep.“

Meta Queer Dolls is available NOW on digital platforms including Bandcamp

Silence Embrace is an Industrial project out of northeast Ohio, established in 2018 and has been a personal outlet for it’s main member, Sean Haney. The project is known for it’s use of samples, vocal manipulation, analog synthesizers, and dark lyrics.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SilenceEmbrace23

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/silence-embrace/1552113019

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5OfpzwOBelPRdyEqezAkaJ


Industrial Band 40 Octaves Below Brings Retribution In ‚Splintered‘

Canadian industrial band, 40 Octaves Below have just unleashed their new single, „Dead To Rights“. 

„Dead To Rights“ is a track about calculated risks, hypnosis and our basic human need to connect and move in rhythm.

In light of the prevailing mass cognitive dissonance, we remain cloaked in the shadows of uncertainty. As the fog lifts, a new distortion awaits. We anticipate and hesitate as what comes next and how we respond may be more lethal than the preceding. This is the modern dance of our time; the dance for our lives.

“Dead To Rights” is available now on all major digital platforms including Bandcamp. The track will appear on the forthcoming full-length release, MetaVersUs

The single features four remixes from ESAAnthony (H)Branntshatz & HXNGING_RXVEN.


Insta: https://www.instagram.com/40octavesbelow1/



Curse Mackey Delivers An Immoral Emporium

Prolific darkwave artist, Curse Mackey (Pigface, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult) has unleashed his highly-anticipated new full-length album, Immoral Emporium; the follow-up to his 2019 industrial masterpiece, Instant Exorcism. Curse will also embark on a North American tour as a special guest for darkwave legends, Clan of Xymox.

Immoral Emporium is an intense, dark electronic music experience. Curse emphasizes, “This is a NEW album for modern times, in the here and now.”

True to his word, Immoral Emporium pushes the boundaries of genre with a vast dynamic range, from a tortured whisper to a triumphant howl. The first single, “Lacerations” is a dancefloor stomper with hypnotic vocals, a hard-hitting chorus with wailing synths and bin-shaking beats.

The album moves into poppy, upbeat club territory with the earworm “Dead Fingers Talk“.  The buildups are big, such as in “Omens and Monuments”, with monstrous synths that bring Immoral Emporium to a goosebump-inducing, cathartic end leaving the listener looking forward to the future.

Curse says, Immoral Emporium was created under very remote, unusual, stressful conditions. This record is a dangerous listen. By the time it reaches the last song, I, as the protagonist, am essentially already dead. However, my last words are meant to give hope to the listener, my friends around the world…that you can live to fight another day, knowing you don’t have to give in to the fear, pain, and worry. These things will pass and you are not alone.“

Immoral Emporium is available NOW on limited edition vinyl LP, CD and all digital platforms.

Immoral Emporium was produced by Curse Mackey and long-time collaborator Chase Dobson (Neon CitiesTychoRufus Du Sol), who also co-produced Instant Exorcism. Collaborators also include synth wizard Justin McGrath (Nine Inch NailsKangaThe Black Queen), and MVTANT, an exciting new industrial act from Curse’s birthplace; San Antonio, Texas. The album was mastered by Ken Marshall at HiWatt Labs, (Skinny PuppyRikiFront Line Assembly)

Curse Mackey is a prolific industrial -darkwave music performer and visual artist, a prominent member of industrial supergroup Pigface and previously My Life with The Thrill Kill Kult, and founder of the notorious industrial-punk act Evil Mothers, who began his career DJing and producing underground events as a teen ager in San Antonio & Austin, Texas. 

Curse Mackey’s modern darkwave, electronic act will appeal to fans of contemporary artists such as BootblacksActorsYouth CodeBoy Harsher, and label mates Twin Tribes, while fans of the famed Wax Trax Records roster, Skinny PuppyNine Inch NailsDepeche ModeClan of Xymox and the like will also find a lot to love here. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cursemackey1/

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/cursemackey

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0usgY8btlTK2oA5B2nxaSC


Daniel Ouellette – ‚El Salon (A Happy Home Is A Haunted Home)‘ (post punk/synthpop)

Post-Punk artist Daniel Ouellette has just unveiled his new full-length LP, El Salon (A Happy Home Is A Haunted Home).

El Salon is a post-punk, synth-pop, new wave concept album that sings of the pleasures and difficulties of life within a haunted house. The album is also multi-lingual. Daniel will sing to you in Spanish about a werewolf, in English about a Ouija board, in Portuguese about a haunted house and in French about bats at Christmas time.

The title of the album, El Salón has multiple meanings. In Spanish it can reference a classroom, an art studio, a living room and of course, a salon. Daniel Ouellette says, „The best place I have learned to speak is in living rooms with loved ones who speak Spanish and this the title is in honor of my mates, my loved ones to whom I speak Spanish.“

„Duérmete (una noche lupina)“ – Daniel Ouellette

The album’s subtitle pulls the concept of the album together.  Should our protagonist buy a house that may be haunted? Each song tells a tale of joy or horror; what a home can be. Maybe some of us never want to leave our homes and others need to run. Or should we dance around our living room perhaps like a specter?

About the style and process of the album…
„The musical style that I wanted was a bit of a soft, warm synthpop approach. The first song comes in lyrically and musically right at you, but from there I was wanting to entice with softer tones and warmer singing than perhaps in some past recordings.

Almost of these songs were written by recording the percussion patterns and vocals and then adding the synth/keyboard parts after. This is a very back to haunted home for me because I had been working with musical instruments like strings, guitar, bass, accordion, etc. I wanted the beauty of simplicity.“
– Daniel Ouellette

Daniel Ouellette – originally from Massachusetts, now residing in Maryland) delivers an experiential tour de force that fuses the musical traditions that incorporate an eclectic mélange of music, projected visuals, and props. His high-energy shows blend playful performance art with true musical talent in an engaging “you had to be there” style.
Whether performing solo or with his musical acts the Shobijin and The Countess Zaleska (with Deirdre McClaren) across the U.S., Canada, and Spain, Daniel delights audiences as a chanteur in a multilingual enchantment of interactive energy that draws from such styles as new wave, techno-pop, world music, and art pop. He may sing to you in Spanish about a werewolf or in English about a Ouija board; perhaps in Portuguese about a haunted house or croon about bats at Christmastime in French!

He is an eleven-time winner of the Elephant Talk Indie Music magazine music awards, Atlantic City, NJ; named in top 10 best of the year several times from The Noise – Rock Around Boston, Boston, MA and honored with a halo for best in year from The Valley Advocate, Northampton, MA. He’s been featured in stories and on podcasts by Metronome magazine, Boston, MA, Voyage Baltimore magazine, Hello From Earth podcast, MA and Stagecraft ft. Don Zientara and Alex Vidales podcast, DC, to name a few places to have found him.

Daniel’s latest release El salón (A Happy Home is a Haunted Home) will be released on July 7, 2022 on Meanie Jeannie Records. It features a divine list of talented guests: Jenny Rae Mettee on synths and vocals from Baltimore’s Fun Never StartsJason Mendleson from Virginia on synths and Pam Ant from Burlington, VT with vocals.  Daniel again works with the multi-talented Elizabeth Lorrey and Peter Linnane (Patch Hill Audio) on engineering, mixing, and mastering. Grab a copy! Come to a show! Let’s dance and have a Halloween party anytime!“

Review – Daniel Ouellette – El Salon (A Happy Home Is A Haunted Home)

Musical art, or musical theatre, I would describe „El Salon“ by Daniel Ouellette. The album is something completely different from what you usually hear. I had to listen first, but then I was really excited.

Catchy beats and light synthesizers initiate the album with „Velvet Divan.“ The song is well heard and shows with the impressive voice of Daniel, which is surrounded by a peculiar Hall, in which direction the upcoming songs will go. One finds oneself unwillingly in the entrance hall of an old house. One that definitely offers potential for a decent spoof.

In French we go to the next chapter. „Les Chauves – Souris à Noel“ seems to be a Christmas wish accompanied by light chimes, which sounds from the office of Frankenstein on Christmas Eve. Daniel’s voice comes out very well together with the horn-like synthies.

„A Planchchette“ continues the Reigen. Minimal use of rhythm-giving music frames the sung dialogue between the haunting spirit and the inhabitant of the haunted house. Echoing voices underline the whole thing. It is like a chapter of an audiobook and makes you curious as to how to proceed.

Ping-pong sounds like accompanying an old computer game „The Kitchen Witch Who stayed in the Living Room to Fold the Laundry.“ The song has a funny character. Actually, the landlord just wants an undisturbed quiet afternoon. He wants to fly away to get out of the living room. The piece is zaggy composed and it is fun to hear it.

„Duérmete“ is almost happy with its bell play and the slightly faster drums. The text is loosely read and makes a carefree impression. Unfortunately, I can’t understand him because I don’t speak Spanish. Nevertheless, I like the song.

Sad and gloomy, „Blueheart Credenza“ tells of loss and hope and ends the spoof. Drums and dull string sounds give the song a really dark mood and bring the story around the ghosts in Frankenstein’s house to a worthy end.

„El Salon“ is an extremely unusual but very interesting album that consistently tells a touching story from beginning to end. Personally, I love such set stories in which a song is like a chapter. The pieces themselves are relatively short, but contain everything it takes to make you want to keep hearing.

written by Antje Heine

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/danielouelletteartist

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/danielouelletteartist/


Clockwork Echo – ‚Death Rebirth Repeat‘ (ebm/industrial) On Tour With Hocico

Clockwork Echo Addresses Self-Annihilation & Hope With New LP

Death Rebirth Repeat Out NOW on CD and digital platforms

Industrial act, Clockwork Echo has unleashed their new album, Death Rebirth Repeat. The album addresses the personal journey of its creator and the universal sense of dread and uncertainty felt by many during the pandemic. Even the album artwork reflects these themes; it’s literally a bunch of ordinary people falling into the depths of hell.

Musically and lyrically the album is a brutally introspective reflection and an outward-looking critical social commentary about our response to the pandemic and how human nature played into it.

Perhaps most importantly, Death Rebirth Repeat deals with themes of stoicism, fierce individualism, and overcoming adversity. There’s some sardonic humor thrown in from time to time as well.

Says Clockwork Echo mastermind, Gabriel Ryan: „I experienced some severe loss and trauma during that period  My mood ended up descending into journey of hopelessness and self-destruction before giving way to acceptance and renewed strength. With adversity comes the opportunity to rebuild yourself into something that was far superior than what you had before.“

Death Rebirth Repeat is available on CD & all digital platforms including Bandcamp.

More about the album:

Death Rebirth Repeat 
is a significant departure from the band’s previous release, and represents the band’s evolution from a traditional harsh electro act to its own unique take on the genre.

The album draws influences from both harsh electro and metal – sardonic synth riffs are played at a blistering pace, shifting seamlessly from melodic to searing. Raw metal vocals roar over ethereal choirs and pads that evoke atmospheres that float between dreary and heroic. Everything is tied together by stumpy drum sequences that remain firmly planted in the world of harsh electro, albeit perhaps played a bit more aggressively. 

The result is nearly an hour’s worth of unmetered sonic aggression that somehow still makes you want to dance – the album consistently pays homage to the band’s roots while injecting elements from other genres and turning everything up a few notches.

Clockwork Echo is joined on the album by Alien Vampires and Komor Kommando, both of whom contribute remixes that leave their own sonic footprints on the release.

The band will be departing for a tour next month with Hocico and Luna13, playing shows in western United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Web: https://clockworkecho.com/music



Of Virtue released their EP „Sinner“ via Arising Empire

„For us the creative process was one of vulnerability, reflection, and intensity. We were able to dig deeper and go to darker places than ever before. The next chapter for Of Virtue starts now with the Sinner EP“ – Damon

Progression, or more generally, change, is a constant in music; in order to adapt and survive, you must grow and develop – and no band knows that more than midwestern metal act Of Virtue. What began as a humble, promising metalcore act born from the blistering chill and barren fields of mid-Michigan has erupted into an internationally recognized and critically acclaimed alternative powerhouse. From opening slots on regional metalcore tours to reaching #28 on Billboard’s Current Hard Music chart, performing in over 30 countries across three continents, and accruing a staggering 6 million-plus streams on Spotify alone, Of Virtue’s growth, is nothing short of jaw-dropping. 
Produced by Andrew Baylis (Sleeping With Sirens) & Evan McKeever (VRSTY), mixed and mastered by Dan Braunstein, known for his work for Spiritbox, Dayseeker, Volumes, and visualized by Dana Willax & Orie McGinness (Bad Omens, Wage War, Kingdom of Giants) this blistering new track by modern metal experience Of Virtue will hit you straight in the face and leaves no doubt that this 4-piece is going to blow up pretty fast.

The band combines an eclectic taste for the melodic, catchy, and ethereal with a foundation in heavy music and a penchant for punishing breakdowns and immolating riffs, to define themselves as a multifaceted, diverse and engaging act that draws on influence from metal and alternative music of all types and styles to create something that fans of just about any type of music can find something to fall in love with.

Of Virtue are:
Tyler Ennis | vocals
Damon Tate | guitar & vocals
Michael Valadez | guitar
Ryan Trinh | drums  

1. Sinner
2. Hypocrite 
3. Cold Blooded 
4. Echoes


Insta: https://www.instagram.com/ofvirtue

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ofvirtue


TRUE NORTH – debut album „Out Loud“ is out now!

True North’s debut album from the young Los Angeles-based quintet features two big names of the scene: Kellin Quinn on the song „Your Confession“ and Aaron Gillespie on the single „Out Loud“The album is released worldwide through Out Of Line Music.

Joel, the lead guitarist, states on the release of the debut album: „We are beyond excited to be releasing Out Loud, as well as a mix of emotions every artist has when releasing their debut album.“ And Tim, the singer, adds:„Listeners can look forward to an album which compiles every point of inspiration that has built True North, full of compelling lyrical themes and blisteringly electric music reminiscent of decades past but with an engaging melodic depth of focus never seen before“.  

Find the video „Your Confession“ feat. Kellin Quinn https://youtu.be/475pRV2EXAo
and „Out Loud“ feat. Aaron Gillespie https://youtu.be/RqCsI1Q8dhw and more on YouTube.

True North:
Tim Beken – Lead vocals
Michael Cisterna – Drums
Joel Ferber – Lead guitar, Production

Sean Hansen – Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Morgan Kibler – Bass

Album „Out Loud“ Tracklist:
1.    Not Alone
2.    Your Confession
3.    Save Me
4.    Out Loud
5.    Fix
6.    Breaking Point
7.    Underneath the Lines
8.    Picture Perfect
9.    Stalemate
10.    Feel Anything
11.    Center Frame
12.    Gasoline
13.    Forever (Bonus Track)


Insta: https://www.instagram.com/itstruenorth/


After the two upfront singles „Careworn Face“, accompanied by an intense video clip and „Jane Doe“, Greece based Electronic / Minimal Synth duo INCIRRINA have just released their second album ‚Lip Led Scream‘.
INCIRRINA about ‚Lip Led Scream‘:
These 10 songs were written during a painful period for all of us – personally and globally speaking – and at the same time in a state of rapture. Our lips felt tightly closed. We wanted to scream, to turn scream into expression not just as a way out but as a way to understand. To react against but also to respond to a feeling of internal chaos, helplessness and fear of a world collapsing outside.

Solitude, violence, despair, social injustice, bio politics, but also love, humaneness and coming of age are the main themes of the album. Uptempo beats and a blend of analogue and digital synth sounds, emotional melodies and striking riffs shape the character of the songs. We always regarded our music as a gesture of friendship, meaning and communication, as a peaceful conspiracy against the politics of instinct – the every creature for itself. This album is a case in point.

Album Release date: 19th August 2022
Formats: Digital, CD, Cassette, Vinyl


INCIRRINA is an electronic/ minimal synth duo based in Athens, Greece, formed by George K.(synthesizers, sampler, drum machine, vocals) and Irini T. (synthesizers, vocals).

They have appeared in several gigs and live stages in Greece. Their live performances have been described as “having a totally amazing sound-emotional melodies that stick in your mind ,combined with heavy/strong beats that impel you to dance, depicting a love for analogue synth sounds and for striking riffs”.They have been awarded by ADAF (Athens Digital Arts Festival) for their performance in “Syd Sessions Go ADAF“ in September 2021.

Their first LP “8.15” – inspired by the poetry of the great romantic poet of the 18th century William Blake – was released in 2019 by Geheimnis Records. In 2020 they released the digital maxi single “Utter” followed by the split maxi single ”Devastations/R.Daneel” in 2021, together with “The Man & His Failures“, released by Smash Records.

Their new LP “Lip Led Scream” was released on August 19, 2022 by Cold Transmission Music.

Watch the latest video for „Careworn Face“ here:

Web: http://incirrina.gr/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Incirrinaband

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/incirrina_band/

spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1Y65Fu8ThySZPYfnJeyJdk

BabySaster: Lolita Guitar Project is a guitar player solo project.

Combining guitar virtuoso style with the sound of baroque and romantic music, BabySaster makes debut on the music scene with a cute look inspired by gothic lolita fashion, with an iconic and mysterious image.

Guitarist, pianist and producer, BabySaster blends modern styles of Metal with the sweet harmonies of classical music.

BabySaster starts working on “Lolita Guitar Project” at the beginning of 2017, publishing guitar cover videos on YouTube, building up experience and fan base before releasing the first single “Suite Gothique:Toccata”.

Be sure to follow BabySaster online to keep up to date with all the upcoming releases!

【BabySaster】-「Requiem, K626」

• Introitus. Requiem aeternam
• Kyrie eleison
• Sequentia. Dies irae
• Sequentia. Tuba mirum
• Sequentia. Rex tremendae
• Sequentia. Recordare
• Sequentia. Confutatis
• Sequentia. Lacrimosa
• Offertorium. Domine Jesu Christe
• Offertorium. Hostias
• Sanctus
• Benedictus
• Agnus dei
• Communio. Lux aeterna

©2022 BabySaster

Produced by BabySaster

All electric guitars and bass performed by BabySaster

All keyboards performed by BabySaster

Vocals on tracks 1, 4, 6, 9, 12, 14 by Paola Tiraferri

Vocals on tracks 4, 6, 9, 12 by Eliana Sanna, Riccardo Cecchi

and Marco Rellisan

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BabySaster

Website: https://www.babysaster.com/

spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/album/requiem-k626/1631653836

Amazon: https://music.amazon.com/albums/

Deezer: https://www.deezer.com/de/album/

Death Metal Band – OVDETH

OVDETH’s origin story begins in mid-2016 with a group of men with a passion for Death Metal. The group felt compelled to play Death Metal, understand the intricacies of this sub-genre and then write their own music. OVDETH came together as relative strangers and essentially started as a cover band. They chose to play a challenging and fun Death Metal playlist for which they borrowed songs from bands like Carcass, Bloodbath and Amon Amarth. After a few gigs the band decided that this was what they wanted to do.

The Helsinki based group acknowledge that the Finnish Death Metal scene has impacted the direction that their band has taken. The rich environment of Death Metal that surrounded them in Finland further inspired them. OVDETH also found that early 90’s and 2000 Death Metal bands as well as more recent Death Metal bands resonated with them.

The band name OVDETH means “All from Death” or “All about Death” Choosing a unique name they wanted the band name to reflect the fact that their music tells stories about death. OVDETH also prefers their name to be capitalized further expressing the bands power. Death is more then an influence on OVDETH’s name. The band look at death as an end but with something more present. The band believes that the death of something brings immediacy, movement and a lot of emotion. The powerful concept of death provides a great resource for OVDETH to create “striking and engaging art in music.”

Check the lyric video to opening track „March of the Blind“: https://youtu.be/VfBvKeTHTMU

Death Metal is a demanding genre for those who create and play it. OVDETH describe Death Metal as attempting to “put a supernova in a box.” Since its solid roots beginnings in the 90s Death Metal has evolved. As a non-mainstream genre Death Metal has been allowed to grow without the parameters of moneymaking and business that constrain mainstream music, allowing a certain creative autonomy. Due to this Death Metal bands have been able to explore nuances and trends encouraging new listeners as it evolves.

OVDETH believes that every Death Metal band “carries a piece of history” and that Death Metal musicians “should not forget the path they have walked”, however it shouldn’t blind them from progressing.

With a creative style that acknowledges the work of the individual band members as well as the group, the creative process for OVDETH usually begins with band member Matti and sometimes Kai making a composition and the band then arranges the songs. On occasion their song writing sessions take them to a rented cottage near a lake. This fosters an alchemic moment of creation in nature.

When asked what OVDETH would say to anyone new to or daunted by Death Metal they acknowledge that “anything new, uncomfortable or unknown can be scary.” The band also suggests that perhaps Death Metal isn’t something to listen to all day and all the time but it certainly suits particular days and events. OVDETH recommends people “give it a try; go and see a gig!” Death Metal is something to discover and explore at your own pace.

Review – OVDETH’s Mortal Burden

“Closest to what we musically are and what OVDETH is all about” is how the Death Metal band describes their latest album, Mortal Burden.

The first track on the album is “March of the Blind” which begins with enthralling guitar melodies before the song soars accompanied by intense drumming and snarling, ferocious vocals. The choppy groove and intense music finally builds to an unrelenting crescendo.

A hypnotic, somnific opening to “The Ancestor” erupts into manic rapid drumbeats and a tortured, menacing, grunting growl of vocals. This is on occasion alleviated with an unexpected dissonant harmonious voice. A serenade by a beautiful guitar riff that is overcome by the delirious and aggressive drumbeat, takes the listener to the end of the song.

“Perished” starts with a thrashing beat and combative, intrusive growls before falling into more melodic mesmerizing vocals. It’s a powerful song with at times an almost alluring and peaceful ambience.

With an atmospheric slow tempo build up “Saturn Devoured” devolves into a chaotic unstable music scape with a delicate surprise interlude. An acoustic guitar playing enchanting melodies accompanies slicing, slow growling vocals. Background purer vocals harmoniously escort the growing crescendo of music. The final surprise in this musical journey is an exquisite piano ending to the song that graciously lulls the listener.

This Death Metal album is full of surprising nuances and even if you are new to the genre well worth a listen.

written by Sylvana Ferguson


Atte (bass)

Esa (guitars)

Matti (guitars)

Kai (vocals)

Timo (drums)


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ovdeth

Bandcamp: https://ovdeth.bandcamp.com/

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3AU9Zhi

Bandcamp: https://ovdeth.bandcamp.com/

Apple Music: https://apple.co/32WwTIz

Deezer: https://www.deezer.com/en/album/273717822

Tidal: https://listen.tidal.com/album/205705958

Underground Goth Metal Band -Inner Missing

Inner Missing, an Israeli based underground Goth Metal Band, chose their name as a reflection of the essence of their music, namely abstract, mysterious and with self admitted awkwardness.

The current metamorphosis of the band started in 2013 and is a duo comprising of Sigmund on vocals and guitars and Melaer on keyboard and bass with session musicians joining the pair when required. The band traces the origins of its music style back to their roots in St Petersburg which Inner Missing describes as having a “distinct atmosphere of hostility and despair with a slight hint of romantic decadence”.

Citing the actual writing of the lyrics for their songs as the most important part of the creative process for Sigmund, he is inspired mostly by personal experiences and incidences that he encounters in everyday life. Having a career as a forensic pathologist, Sigmund is no stranger to the grotesque and sick. Inner Missing fearlessly explores themes of insanity and mental disorders as well as suicide and death.

Sigmund attributes his inspiration for lyrical conception to the French poet Charles Baudelaire who fostered a belief in praising mad and disgusting things. Being more of a reader then a conversationalist Sigmund’s inspirations come from literature especially such classics as Nausea by JP Sartre and Kafka’s The Castle.

For their albums The Sentinel and the Murderer, Deluge and Ghostwriter, Sigmund was instrumental in the ambience and artwork for the album covers using his own photography. At times Inner Missing finds designers and gives them the freedom to create whatever the music inspires in them.

With no specific creative process Sigmund just allows the music to come into his head, something that can happen unexpectedly at any moment. When he is inspired he arranges the music and then writes the accompanying lyrics.

Although the band concentrates more on studio work they still believe that live concerts are an extremely powerful way to communicate with the audience. With just two musicians on stage Inner Missing have an unusual way of performing live. With minimal action on the stage the band uses video installations to create an immersive experience for the audience creating a wistful and contemplative air.

In 2020-2022 the global pandemic stifled the bands ability to perform abroad. Inner Missing were forced to concentrate on shows and festivals only in Russia. Following their repatriation to Israel they plan to start performing on local and European stages.

They are currently working on a new album. If you like or are interested in listening to contemplative, melancholic music Inner Missing is the band for you.


The band was formed in the spring of 2008. In that time it was called Odium and appeared to be a studio project, consisting of 2 members: Sigmund (vocals,guitars,bass) and Cosmic Drone (keyboards). They recorded demo “Decay”, that included 3 songs, the demo has got lots of positive opinions and after that musicians were looked for, and after successful search in autumn 2008, the band was given its actual name. The band’s debut concert was given on December 19th 2008 and not long after that the first Inner Missing EP “All the lifeless” was recorded. The EP was released by Russian independent label Satanarsa Records in March, 2009. After that the band participated in several local festivals in St. Petersburg and Moscow and shared the stage with such bands as Ordog and Throes Of Dawn. In summer of 2009 Inner Missing participated in Metal Crowd Festival (Rechsitsa, Belarus) – it was the first show abroad. In autumn 2009 the band participated in the most famous doom metal festival in Russia – Shadow Doom Fest for the first time. After that, Inner Missing recorded its first full-length album ‘’The Age Of Silence”. In spring 2010 Inner Missing performs as an opening act for Katatonia in St.Petersburg and right after that gives concerts in such cities as Kazan and Vologda. In 2011 “Escapism” is released by the Russian label Darknagar Records, also in 2011 the band shares the stage with Saturnus in Minsk, Belarus. In 2012 Inner Missing shares the stage with My Dying Bride in St.petersburg and takes part in some local festivals. The third album, „Perjury“, was recorded in 2013. Like all previous albums, it was released by Darknagar Records ang it has got high marks in many webzines. Then, during 2013 the band undergoes a lot of line-up troubles and finally records „Defeat“ as a duo (Sigmund – voice and guitars and Melaer – bass and keyboards) – this album demonstrated that the band’s style has turned to atmospheric\depressive rock and since 2013 the band exists as a duo (although session musicians are recruited for studio work and live shows). In 2014 Inner Missing supports Saturnus during their Russian shows and then takes a short break during which both band members play in a progressive rock\metal band Karma Rassa. After the hiatus „The Sentinel And The Murderer“ was recorded in cooperation with well-known Ukrainian sound producer Max Morton (he also recorded bass for this album). Supporting this album, Inner Missing performs live shows in Ukraine (at Kiev Kills Festival), Egypt (at Metal Blast Festival), Mongolia (at Noise Metal Fest) and Romania (at Rock’n’Iasi festival) in 2016. In the years 2017-2018 the band does not give many shows (with the exception for an exclusive gig in Istanbul) and concentrates on the studio work mostly which results in “The Ineffable” and “Ghostwriter” – the 6th and the 7th studio albums. In 2019 Inner Missing participates in The Room Of Doom Festival (Athens, Greece), Mullae Metal City (Seoul, South Korea), Shadow Doom Festival (Moscow, Russia) and gives a lot of local shows in Russia and Belarus. 2020 turned out to be a productive year for the band as well – 8th album Deluge was recorded and released and after its release the band gives a lot of shows in Russia and Belarus.

Review – InnerMissing’s Ninth Album Dead Language

Dead Language is the new album by Israeli based band Inner Missing. From the title track “Dead Language” the listener is transported into a dark gothic soundscape. With an ominous hypnotic sound, and a disturbing rhythmic chime reminiscent of some sort of ancient carnival, the song Dead Language tantalizingly takes the listener on a haunting journey. The bleak vocals of Sigmund are tangled beautifully with the operatic vocals of Melaer to create an almost ethereal experience. “The Quest” is inspired by the musings of British Occultist Aleister Crowley and has an enigmatic bassline and low tempo that results in an undulating music experience. Luring the listener with a dark rhythmic sound the lyrics and music of “Empty Rooms” create a disorientating and fearful landscape. A haunting guitar carries the listener on a wavelike journey. A chaotic musical introduction to “Long Odds” with ominous and bleak lyrics suddenly shifts with the song taking the listener into its confidence with menacing, conspiratorial whispered vocals. Slower to build “Mute” has dreary sounding vocals that are perfect as the song ascends, dizzying the listener with changing tempo and dissonant harmonies. The final song on the album “At Sea” makes the listener feel as though they are sailing on waves depressive and gloomy waves that ebb and flow with the music.

The album artwork was created by Belarus artist Olga Kann. The image is a haunting simulacrum of death, representing something once valuable which is not anymore.

Dead Language is a fabulous album if you enjoy being immersed in a gloomy, depressive, Gothic environment with some exciting twists and turns.

Inner Missing – Dead Language
Release: 25.02.2022

Label:Inverse Records

Duration: 35:46

Genre: Gothic Metal / Doom Metal

written by Sylvana Ferguson


Facebook: Facebook Inner Missing

Bandcamp: https://innermissing.bandcamp.com/ 

Youtube: https://youtu.be/eT2Skxj3Gio

Finnish melancholic death metal band Marraskuun Lapset released their debut single!

– Reviews –

Marraskuun Lapset’s Laatupoikkeama (Quality Deviation) and Pahuuden Siemen (Seeds of Evil)

The first of two singles Laatupoikkeama (Quality Deviation) is a song about love by Finnish Melancholic Death Metal Band Marraskuun Lapset (Children of November) This is however not a love song in the traditional sense but more about someone that does not think that they deserve love. The song builds atmosphere with rhythmic and abrupt tempo changes leaving the listener delightfully disorientated. Partanen’s serrated, snarling, primal vocals perfectly compliment the haunting melancholic female vocals of Hanna Ingo, that in direct contrast to Partanen’s tortured and powerful sound, lull and soothe the listener.

Pahuuden Siemen (Seeds of Evil) is the second single from Marraskuun Lapset and is about cancer and the ways in which disease confronts and tortures us. The song considers the battle with a disease like cancer and even when its finally defeated the toll of such a confrontation. The choir within the song screams about wanting to live, shouting it so loud in the hope that death will pass by. A choppy groove leads the listener into the song as the intensity builds. Partanen’s grisly, anguished vocals slow before picking up pace joined by a choir of singers with melodic echoing vocals. This gives the listener the feel of a chase and the undulating, unpredictable ebb and flow of circumstance in a battle with illness.

Artwork photo by Tero Hautamäki

Recorded at Rock Werstas by Sami Pulkkinen

Tero Hautamäki – Guitars, Bass

Janne Partanen – Vocals

Drums are played by

Teemu Koski (Vaasa Palaa).

Choir: Jussi-Pekka Litmanen, Jani Latva-Salo, Sofia Ingo, Hanna Ingo, Satu Kuru.

written by Sylvana Ferguson

With the quality of these two songs the anticipated Marraskuun Lapset’s debut EP Lauluja Elämässä Eksynielle (Songs For People Lost In Their Lives), set to be released by Inverse Records in late 2022, is something to look forward to.

Marraskuun Lapset is founded in the summer of 2021 by Tero Hautamäki (Hellyysagrrressio, Burning Mindfields, Wasteland) & Janne Partanen (Hautajaisyö, Uhriristi). The band is set to release their debut EP later in 2022. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Marraskuun-Lapset-104482418661869
Insta: https://www.instagram.com/marraskuun_lapset
bandcamp: https://marraskuunlapset.bandcamp.com

Melancholic Death Metal Band Marraskuun Lapset (November Child)

Finnish Melancholic Death Metal band Marraskuun Lapset (November Child) comprises of musicians Tero Hautamäki and Janne Partanen. The duo took inspiration for their band name from the start of the long winter months and the Polar nights that begin in Finland in November. Hautamäki’s birthday is also in November. Marras is an old Finnish word for death.

Having both been involved in the music industry and making music for a long time Partanen and Hautamäki bring different things to Marraskuun Lapset. Prior to their collaborationHautamäki was primarily involved in the Punk and Rock music scene while Partanen had already delved into Death Metal and Black Metal.

The duos formation of Marraskuun Lapset was a result of similar attitudes towards music and a eagerness to use their different experiences in the music scene to foster a more melancholic, depressive and heavy type of music. Marraskuun Lapset has found inspiration from a “darkness of mind” that they say has been motivated by the gloomy winters and what they believe is a Finnish cultural tendency towards sensitivity, depression and a hesitance to have open discussions. The rich history of Death Metal in Finland had a particular influence on Partanen as a vocalist but for Hautamäki Marraskuun Lapset is his first foray into Death Metal.

“When you get older you contemplate death” according to Marraskuun Lapset and this has influenced the themes that they explore in their music. With songs written from the heart, Hautamäki and Partanen explore such evocative topics as sickness, divorce, suicide and the mistakes we make in life.

The talents and ideas of Hautamäki and Partanen permeate all aspects of the group. Having a clear idea of the image they want to foster for Marraskuun Lapset the duo cultivate the aesthetic with care. Hautamäki is a skilled photographer whose beautiful, dark photographs further enhance the groups concepts of melancholy and forlorness, serving as the artwork for their albums.

With a debut EP almost ready and an upcoming new music video about to be released Marraskuun Lapset are currently writing news songs. They have a live crew in rehearsals ready for when they start performing for audiences.

written by Sylvana Ferguson

Youtube: youtu.be/GkaKc5M0Kjs 
Spotify: spoti.fi/3rQzuxm 
Tidal: listen.tidal.com/album/214107314/track/214107315 
Apple Music: apple.co/3uORjPb 

http://Check the lyric video to opening track „March of the Blind“: https://youtu.be/VfBvKeTHTMU

OF VIRTUE, Future Palace, Tungsten (Arising Empire)

Welcome to the fam!

Progression, or more generally, change, is a constant in music; in order to adapt and survive, you must grow and develop – and no band knows that more than midwestern metal act Of Virtue. What began as a humble, promising metalcore act born from the blistering chill and barren fields of mid-Michigan has erupted into an internationally recognized and critically acclaimed alternative powerhouse. From opening slots on regional metalcore tours to reaching #28 on Billboard’s Current Hard Music chart, performing in over 30 countries across three continents, and accruing a staggering 6 million plus streams on Spotify alone, Of Virtue’s growth, is nothing short of jaw-dropping.The band combines an eclectic taste for the melodic, catchy, and ethereal with a foundation in heavy music and a penchant for punishing breakdowns and immolating riffs, to define themselves as a multifaceted, diverse and engaging act that draws on influence from metal and alternative music of all types and styles to create something that fans of just about any type of music can find something to fall in love with.

Today, Of Virtue released their debut single via Arising Empire called ‚Sinner‚!Produced by Evan McKeever (VRSTY), mixed and mastered by Dan Braunstein, known for his work for SpiritboxDayseekerVolumes, and visualized by Dana Willax & Orie McGinness (Bad Omens, Wage War, Kingdom of Giants) this heavy rock-oriented first piece of brand new Of Virtue will hit you straight and leaves no doubt that this 4-piece is going to blow up pretty fast.

Watch ‚Sinner‘ now on the Arising Empire YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com

Stream it here: https://arisingempire.com/sinner 

Of Virtue was formed in 2008 and catapulted themselves into the Michigan metalcore scene in 2009 with their debut EP »To Breathe Again«. Combining elements of melodic hardcore and metalcore into a mosh-friendly and energetic amalgam, the band almost instantaneously cemented themselves as a staple within their local scene.
In the months that would follow, the band would create and release their debut full length record, »Heartsounds« in 2011, followed after an extensive regional touring cycle. »Heartsounds« saw the band expand on the sound defined by their breakout effort, with lyrics speaking of positivity and determination, underscored by a blend of metalcore that was both vicious yet passionate and inspiring. By 2015, the band would release »Salvation«, a sprawling and ambitious example of meticulously done melodic metalcore which would earn them nationwide attention as a promising, prodigally talented metal act. Shortly thereafter, Of Virtue would release their third full-length record, »What Defines You« in 2019. The album saw a marked incorporation of alternative rock and hard rock into their backbone of bold, robust metalcore with an overwhelmingly positive message. The result was a release that would launch them into the stratosphere of heavy music. Even in the setting of a global pandemic, Of Virtue continued to blossom worldwide, accruing new listeners and fans in countries tens of thousands of miles away and expanding their reach even in a time where live performances were all but impossible.

Of Virtue are:
Tyler Ennis | vocals
Damon Tate | guitar & vocals
Michael Valadez | guitar
Ryan Trinh | drums  

Follow the band’s socials:


THE OKLAHOMA KID – Album „Tangerine Tragic“ (Arising Empire ) out: June 3, 2022

THE OKLAHOMA KID release brand new single / video ‚Dye Black To Pink‘ from upcoming album »Tangerine Tragic«

THE OKLAHOMA KID – a modern metal experience. Known for their very own blend of genres, the avant-garde
5-piece never falls shy of pushing the boundaries and breaking old conventions.

After their successful and absolute refreshing singles ‚Pale Tongue‘, ‚Melt Into You‘, ‚Come Undone‘ & ‚A Velvet Feel‘, THE OKLAHOMA KID are back with their real diverse and alternative track ‚Dye Black To Pink‘, taken from their upcoming sophomore album »Tangerine Tragic«, due for release on June 3rd.

Watch ‚Dye Black To Pink‘ now https://youtu.be/-TZhuQyPCK0
Stream https://theoklahomakid.lnk.to/dyeblacktopink 
»Tangerine Tragic« as CD and limited colored vinyl and bundles at the Arising Empire Shop and Impericon

After their successful debut album »Solarray« (2019) and struck by the global pandemic, THE OKLAHOMA KID set their focus on writing new music, with one simple goal in mind, to best themselves and give every fan something to crave for – »Tangerine Tragic«. »Tangerine Tragic« is built on the strengths of their debut »Solarray«. It plays with new ideas and concepts, comes gently as a breeze, and strikes hard as a wrecking ball. The album was recorded and produced by Jan Kerscher (Ghost City Recordings) – mixed and mastered by Lance Prenc (Alpha Wolf, Polaris, Dealer) that gives this production its full-blown punch.
“We are always trying to get different influences into our music, that’s why we were looking for a producer outside our genre, to get some new input. When we first met up with Jan, we know he was a perfect match to record and produce our next album.” – Andreas Reinhard (guitar) 

Tangerine Tragic track listing:
 1. To Dance With Fire
 2. Pale Tongue
 3. A Velvet Feel
 4. The Way Things Were
 5. Replaced
 6. Come Undone
 7. Waldsterben
 8. Dye Black To Pink
 9. Melt Into You
 10. Lost Purpose
 11. Ohnmacht

THE OKLAHOMA KID »Tangerine Tragic Tour 2022
Presented by Contrapromotion
Special guests: Half Me, Liotta Seoul

19.10. Köln – MTC
20.10. Frankfurt – Elfer
21.10. München – Backstage
26.10. Berlin – Privatclub
27.10. Hamburg – Headcrash
28.10. Rostock – Peter-Weiss-Haus
30.10. Leipzig – Bandhaus

THE OKLAHOMA KID stehen für mitreißenden Modern-Metal, der eine Brücke zwischen instrumentaler Finesse und energiegeladener Rhythmik schlägt. Seit ihrer Gründung im Jahr 2012 hat sich die deutsche Band bestehend aus David J. Burtscher, Fred Stölzel, Robert Elfenbein, Tomm Brümmer und Andreas Reinhard kontinuierlich weiterentwickelt und mittlerweile fest in der nationalen Metalszene etabliert.
Es folgten Shows mit Szenegrößen wie Stick To Your Guns, Carnifex, Evergreen Terrace und  Hatebreed, auf denen The Oklahoma Kid mit ihrer passionierten und explosiven Performance die Massen begeistern konnten.
Ob live oder auf Platte – The Oklahoma Kid sind schon längst kein Geheimtipp mehr und stellen sich der Herausforderung, die Szene mit ihrem unverkennbaren Sound aufzumischen.

Tomm Brümmer | Gesang
Fred Stölzel | Gitarre
Andreas Reinhard | Gitarre
Robert Elfenbein | Bass
David J. Burtscher | Schlagzeug



Two years after the release of their successful album „Innocence“, Milan/Italy based Post-Punk outfit CLONE CULTURE finally return with a new single which is the first single from their new album coming later in 2022. 

With a new band line up and a renewed sound mixing Darkwave elements with new romantic vocals and electronic experiments, „Floating“ is the start of a new chapter in the band’s history.

“Time goes by like a dream while floating”
Floating tells about memories of the past arising from the accidental finding of old forgot drawings and notes. Trying to interpret the words and lines on the paper, it opens up many questions about the choices we made and people we met.

The single is accompanied by a video done by the Italian video maker Stefania Carbonara and is a visual representation of the abstract feeling and mood that the song conveys.

Clone Culture is:
Stefano Castelli – Vocals 
Marco Tafuri – Guitar, Vocals 
Marco Chiodi – Bass, Synth, Programming 


CLONE CULTURE, founded in autumn 2017, is a three piece post-punk band from Milano, Italy. They started writing songs and playing end of 2017 and few months later they released their 1st single “love is the fear of what I do” mixed in London by Gareth Jones (Depeche Mode, Wire, Einstürzende Neubauten, Nick Cave, Interpol, etc.) who contributed to shape the sound of the band’s 1st self tilted album released via the German label Lifeforce Records. They settle their style of play in between post-punk and dark wave. The self-titled debut particularly conveys eerie moods and melancholic atmosphere.

2019 was mainly dedicated to their second album called “Innocence”. The musicians wrote new songs and evolved their sound mostly focusing on bass and guitar lines and slowing down to create the right atmosphere to sustain suffered melodies and lyrics.

After publishing the video of the 1st single called “Souvenirs”, Clone Culture released their album “Innocence” in March 2020. „Floating“ is the first single of their upcoming album and was released on May 3rd, 2022.

Watch their latest video for „Floating“ here:

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/cloneculture

INSTA: https://www.instagram.com/cloneculture

BANDCAMP: https://cloneculture.bandcamp.com



Silent Runners (Amsterdam, NL) will release their new album ‚Statues &

Ornaments‘ on June 3rd 2022 on Cold Transmission Music. Pre-orders for CD, vinyl and digital downloads are available on Bandcamp, starting April 22.

The news is celebrated with a single and music video: ‚Perfect Place to Hide‘, available on all platforms the same day. ‚Perfect Place to Hide‘ is a song about hiding from reality in the things we buy and consume: it’s about yet another hype and the small burst of joy we get from buying and owning stuff we don’t necessarily need. The new single combines a deceptively cheerful first impression with a darker underlying theme, about advertising and an over-commercialised world where human interaction is reduced to monetary transactions and where some of us have turned into personified ads in influencer marketing. The accompanying music video is a clear parody on the modern shopping channel, but there’s one catch: every item on sale is pitch black, reflecting the dark side of consumerism.

‚Statues & Ornaments‘ shows a slight shift in direction for Silent Runners. Featuring a heavier emphasis on post-punk influences and more drum driven songs, without compromising the iconic mix of synths, guitars and deep vocals the band became known for. The album title refers to the ideas and ideologies we as a society put on a pedestal. The same ones that also lead us to rising inequality, climate crisis and mass extinction. It speaks of our inability to explore hopeful new alternatives, while revering the nostalgic embrace of the old ways.

‚Statues & Ornaments‘ was recorded in Volver Studio (NL), mixed by Ben Greenberg (USA – Black Marble, Second Still, Soft Kill, et al.) and mastered by Pete Maher (UK – U2, The Killers, Maximo Park, et al.).


Mixing dark synths with post-punk influences, Silent Runners (Amsterdam, NL) made a name for themselves on stage with energetic shows that are both compelling and strangely hypnotizing. Minimalist guitars, deep bass riffs and steady drum beats, going from an almost krautrock-like drive to all out bombastic. All topped with classic synths and a powerful voice, soaked in reverb.

In 2017 Silent Runners released their debut album The Directory, which reached underground audiences all around the globe. The release was followed by a series of very well received shows on festivals such as Wave Gotik treffen, Grey Days and Wavefest. Shows that cemented the band’s energetic live reputation in the underground post punk scene.

After their 2019 re-release of The Directory (Remixes) on Cold Transmission Music, the band announced the production of a new album, set to release on the Germany based label on June 3 2022.

Watch their latest video for „Perfect Place to hide“ here:

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/silentrunners

STREAM: http://www.silentrunners.nl/


RESPLANDOR present their fourth album „Tristeza“

Gegründet im peruanischen Lima und mittlerweile angesiedelt in den Niederlanden, präsentieren RESPLANDOR ihr viertes Album „Tristeza“ im April 2022. Der neue Full-Length-Release wurde produziert und gemischt von Robin Guthrie, Gründer und Kreativzentrum der legendären Band Cocteau Twins, der selbiges auch schon beim Vorgänger „Pleamar“ übernommen hatte. Darüber hinaus wurden alle Songs von Simon Scott (Slowdive) gemastert, der zudem den Mix von „Feel“ beigesteuert hat. Die CD Edition ist exklusiv erhältlich via Reptile Music und enthält den Bonus Track „Silencio“.

RESPLANDOR sind wohlbekannt für ihren gitarren-orientierten Shoegaze und Dream Pop Style, mit dem sie einen atmosphärischen Wall-of-Sound kreieren. Sie haben bereits mehrfach in Europa, Nord- und Südamerika getourt, größere Festivals wie das SXSW gespielt sowie unter anderem mit berühmten Bands wie The Cure, Slowdive, The Jesus & Mary Chain, The House Of Love, The Radio Dept. die Bühne geteilt.


1 Blue | 2 Reverie | 3 Tristeza
4 Adore | 5 Oceano | 6 Feel
7 Silencio (CD only)

WEB: https://www.resplandorofficial.com/
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/resplandorofficial
INSTA: https://www.instagram.com/resplandorofficial


E. P. New Musick by Flingern Attic

FLINGERN ATTIC ist eine Symbiose aus unseren Vorlieben sowohl für diverse Arten von elektronischer Musik als auch die große Liebe zu schrammeligen Power-Chords. Der musikalische Stil ein Mix aus „old school“ und „modernen“ Elementen, der auch uns persönlich gut widerspiegelt.
Die Düsseldorfer Band besteht aus Michael Leier aka M.D.Ramone und Tanja Reinhardt aka T.R.Lily. Der über ein Jahrzehnt andauernde Wunsch, ihren gemeinsamen musikalischen Nenner in einem musikalischen Bandprojekt umzusetzen, nahm Anfang 2019 Gestalt an und wurde mit der Gründung von FLINGERN ATTIC endlich in die Tat umgesetzt.
M.D.Ramone übernimmt wie schon bei seinen vorherigen Bandprojekten die Vocals, Gitarre, Bass, Synths, Songwriting/Lyrics sowie das graphische Design & Konzept. Im Gegensatz zu früher spielt T.R. Lily nicht nur die E-Drums, sondern steuert nun auch Vocals und E-Bass bei vielen Songs bei. Desweitern ist sie auch aktiv am Songwriting beteiligt und kümmert sich um die mediale Präsenz.
Alle Songs wurden in deren Düsseldorfer ORANGE RED CORNER Studio komponiert, aufgenommen und abgemischt. Für das Mastering konnte der erfolgreiche Produzent & Musiker Thomas Detert von Airbase Media gewonnen werden. Musikalisch inspiriert fühlen sich FLINGERN ATTIC nicht nur von Düsseldorfer Bands wie Kraftwerk, Rheingold und Fehlfarben oder internationalen Klassikern wie den Beatles, David Bowie, Joy Division/New Order, Anne Clark, Fad Gadget/Frank Tovey, The Ramones, Depeche Mode und Duran Duran sondern auch von Künstlern wie John Frusciante und The Editors oder jüngeren deutschen Acts wie Console und Drangsal.

bandcamp: https://flingernattic.bandcamp.com/releases

WEB: https://www.flingern-attic.de

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/FlingernAttic

Kontakt: info@flingern-attic.de

Dark Pop Duo Esoterik Brew An Introspective Elixir With New LP, Alchemy

 Dark pop / pagan synth duo, Esoterik have unveiled their new full-length LP, Alchemy.

The concept of Alchemy has many different forms and interpretations but the analogy holds true for any artist in that we take elements or ingredients, which on their own have a certain character and then take on a transformation into something that didn’t exist before. 

Is it magick or is something more tangible? Who’s to say? But there’s no denying that words have power and music in itself has the ability to illicit a variety of emotions that time stamp our journey throughout life.

About the album, Alchemy, the band says the following, „We took a different approach with this album than we have in the past with a clear vision from the start thematically of what we wanted to achieve and then crafted each track around that.“

Alchemy is available on CD at https://www.esoterikmusic.com/ and digitally on https://music.apple.com.

„When we begin writing new songs for an album they take shape in a variety of forms, but it’s important to us and we’ve also found it makes things much easier when we start to record, to ensure the foundation and structure is solid and flows well from melody to composition. A lot of these songs are written on an acoustic guitar and sound very different from the arrangements you hear now. We feel that once a song can stand on its own without all the bells and whistles, it can be guided into any genre with subtle tweaks here and there.“ – Allison Eckfeldt and Brady Bledsoe (Esoterik)

Founded in 2013, US Dark Pop outfit, Esoterik, have steadily evolved into what one fan lovingly coined as Pagan-Synth. The band, comprised of Allison Eckfeldt and Brady Bledsoe, started to quickly gain momentum coming off the heels of their 1st US tour supporting Austria’s own Nachtmahr in the Spring of 2014. In 2015, they teamed up with German producer Krischan Wesenberg (Rotersand) to put the finishing touches on their sophomore full length “Atonement.” The album produced several singles and music videos with “Necrodancer” still holding strong as a fan favorite.

In May of 2017, Esoterik released the “Set Fire to Me” EP that included several re-worked versions of tracks off their debut album “Enlightenment.” The EP, produced by Gregor Beyerle (Nachtmahr L’Âme Immortelle), included a new music video alongside the single “Spirits Light the Way,” which was very well received by fans. In late 2018, they signed with German label Trisol Music Group and quickly hit the studio to polish up their third album,“Énouement.” The album prompted a flurry of singles leading up to the release including visualizers and full production music video for the single, “Seidhr.”

After coming off the road from a six-week tour supporting UK based act Grendel in August of 2019, the band patiently used the downtime 2020 provided to finish writing songs for the new album, Alchemy. 

Alchemy is available in CD and digital formats NOW!

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/esoterikmusic

INSTA: https://www.instagram.com/esoterik_music/

spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1x7SlHy6WYeOvqTBdGNfUF


Gothic Rock Band Black Angel Unveil Highly-Anticipated New Album, ‚The Black Rose‘!

 Gothic rockers, Black Angel have just unveiled their fourth studio album, The Black Rose. Following up the previous and well-received release, Prince Of DarknessBlack Angel further solidifies their mark in the goth rock community with this new nine-track, soon-to-be classic album.

Sticking with their hybrid Gothic Rock sound, Black Angel takes flavors from the likes of 80’s predecessors, The Cult and The Mission while and adding new tones of their own. There is definitely a slightly more sinister, edgy feel to the tracks on The Black Rose.

From the Mission-esque style of „Breathe“ to the slick, guitar sounds and soaring vocals of „All Or Nothing“ and „Look Me In The Eye“ to the musically playful but thematically sinister „Carnival Man“, Black Angel’s diversity and trademark sound pulse throughout the entire release.  

„Battle Cry“ brings The Black Rose to an end. Inspired by one of the band‘s greatest influences The Cult, this song is a romantic story of forever love.

The Black Rose is available on vinyl LP, CD and digital formats via Bandcamp.

Black Angel:
Matt Vowles – All Music
Cory Landis – Vocals

„It grabs you and pushes you through different periods of “dark” music history while still keeping you in the here and now. No superfluous appendages, no superfluous cliché or wild experimentation. A highly focused, pure piece of goth rock. A textbook of how to make goth rock.“ – Dark Life Experience

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/3369969363097686

INSTA: https://www.instagram.com/black_angel_music/

spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2nRqpGvZYydx4778sPDPfu


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