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PORN sind zurück mit ihrem dritten Album “The Ogre

Inside”. Nach der Veröffentlichung ihres zweiten

Albums 2011 und einem Remix- und Cover-Album

2015, ist die französische Gothic –Metal / Industrial

Rock-Band wieder da.

Sechs Jahre sind seit der Veröffentlichung des

Vorgängeralbums vergangen, aber Philippe

Deschemin, der Mastermind der kontroversen Combo,

hat nicht nur faul herumgesessen. Er veröffentlichte

den SyFy-Roman “Contoyen” (gleichzeitig das Konzept

zu “The Ogre Inside”), zwei Kurzgeschichten, brachte

dieses Jahr ein Album mit seinem Gothic-Rock

Industrial-Metal-Nebenprojekt AN EROTIC END OF

TIMES heraus, und nun sind PORN wieder zum

Abrocken bereit.

Vom 90er Industrial Rock-Sound auf “Sunset Of

Cruelty” bis zum Gothic-Metal-atmophärischen “The

Ogre Inside” oder “You Will Be The Death Of Me”

nimmt einen das Album mit auf eine Reise ins Innere

hin zu den dunkelsten Ecken der eigenen Seele.

PORN lädt einen ein, das Untier zu bekämpfen, das

eigene Monster, das Ungeheuer, das einen

verschlingen will. PORN genießen, während man

seinen abgefahrensten Wünschen gegenüber steht.

Das Album ist durchsetzt mit Sprach-Samples von

Aleister Crowley, The Great Beast. Die Band macht

sich seine Worte “Liebe ist das Gesetz, Liebe unter

dem Willen” zu Eigen und wandelt sie in “PORN ist das

Gesetz, PORN unter dem Willen” um.



1 Sunset Of Cruelty 04:26

2 She Holds My Will 05:56

3 Nothing But The Blood 04:25

4 May Be The Last Time 08:56

5 Close The Window 04:10

6 Death Does Not Last Forever 05:18

7 Heavy Is The Crown 05:20

8 You Will Be The Death Of Me 03:44

9 The Ogre Inside 08:59

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PORNtheband/

bandcamp: https://porntheband.bandcamp.com/merch

Ecozone: http://www.echozone.de



BACK IN 2007 

« Souvenirs d’un autre monde » came out ten years ago, in 2007. It’s crazy to witness time flying by so fast. It seems like the album was released only yesterday, yet so many things happened in the life of the band during this period of time. The album was sounding very different than what was to find in the music scene back then and I wasn’t sure about how people would react to it. I didn’t feel scared or insecure about it, just really excited and curious to see what the reactions would be like. « Souvenirs d’un autre monde » was
written with no other purpose than pure artistic ambition and it definitely felt special, in a positive way, but it was also evident that it wouldn’t be an album for everyone. I would have never imagined that so many people would get into it in the years after its release and into the Alcest sound in general.
Now with internet and the easy access to music, people got more curious and open in terms of genres. They are eager to discover new and adventurous sounds, but back in 2007 it was still a different story, especially within the metal realm. The metal scene evolved a lot recently, in a very good way in my opinion, and it seems that metal fans also listen to completely other genres outside of their «comfort zone» now.

At the time, Alcest was a still solo project. I just had a demo tape released in 2001 of raw, traditional black metal (I was really young, 15 years old, and had just started playing music in a serious way) and an EP « Le Secret », that came out in 2005, which I consider to be the first actual Alcest release. This EP gave birth to the sound, concept and identity that the project had on « Souvenirs d’un autre monde » and also on the later records. In 2006, Alcest had a Myspace account and Fursy (from Les Discrets, one of my oldest friends), told me to send a message to Prophecy Productions, asking them to check out my music. We both liked the label, as they were different from the other metal labels, and thought it could be a good match. Prophecy always had a strong identity, both visually and in the choice of their bands, so when they replied me, saying that they had listened to the tracks I later sent them
on CD-R, liked them and wanted to sign Alcest, I was really overjoyed.



It’s never easy for me to talk about the concept behind Alcest and « Souvenirs d’un autre monde », which is probably why I choose music as a way to deal with it, instead of something else. I had a spiritual experience in my childhood that had a big impact on my life and my way to perceive existence.
Later on when I started Alcest as a teenager, instead of sticking to the black metal style of the beginnings, I decided to go in the opposite direction and use the experience I had as a child as the main theme and source of inspiration for this project. That is still the case today. Spirituality is the central theme of Alcest, along with some others, such as the passing of time, romanticism and nostalgia, which are usually darker and more down to earth topics. Each record we release is dealing with a different side of this concept, showing a different angle of the same story depending on my emotions and my evolution as a person in this world. I would say however that « Souvenirs d’un autre monde » is a key album in Alcest’s career. At this period, the approach I had to the whole project felt really new and fresh. I was translating the concept of the band in the purest, most direct way; something that was unique for this release and that hasn’t been the same before or after it.

« Souvenirs d’un autre monde » means « Memories from another world ».

As a kid, I experienced vivid memories of a place that is not what we all know here. In my mind there were images, sensations and sounds from a sort of vast heavenly garden, where everything seemed to vibrate and glow in pearly light; the trees, the streams and the grass were moving in harmony.
There I could get an intense feeling of serenity and peace that is nothing like we can experience on Earth. This place seemed so alive, and I can’t stress enough the weight of the the word «alive» here. It was more alive than anything else. There was this melody, an indescribably beautiful music floating in the air and that seemed to come from the whole scenery, as if it was an inseparable part of it. In these memories, I could feel everything around me in a different way than how we usually do in our human forms. I wasn’t in
terfering with the surroundings through the filter of my 5 human senses, but instead all the senses were intensified and seemed to blend within each other.
I felt like I could hear the colors, touch the fragrances in the air and perceive the language and the deep meaning of this place, as if I was a part of it myself. I remember there also were some presences, some ethereal beings, that I couldn’t recognize, but that seemed very familiar to me. The deep essence of myself surely knew who they were. They could communicate with me in a language without words and their message was a message of absolute love and understanding. It was just like time had stopped, or simply didn’t exist
there, and there were no fears or mortal torments to be found.
These images were coming to me most of the time during the day, especially when I was in contact with nature or in a specific sensitive state of mind. I never really knew what they were and where they came from, but the feeling I had was magical and I was sure that it was absolutely real. When my childhood had passed, I sort of put theses memories aside for a while, but it all came back later on when I realized that these experiences weren’t something
common and that there must have been a reason why I had them. I started to think that I was obliged to do something with it, if not talk about it (I never liked talking about it, probably because of my fear to be judged or being called crazy by the more closed-minded people), then at least trying to honor it and portray it through music. I found a lot of comfort when I started to get more into spirituality and subjects like Near Death Experiences. Then, I discovered that people who were in alternated states of consciousness, were describing very similar things to my visions. I started to feel less alone and convinced that it wasn’t just something from my imagination. Since the release of « Souvenirs d’un autre monde », I have met people all around the world that told me they had comparable experiences. I feel that in my case, it’s possible that I could have kept memories from a spiritual world where we would go before and after being on Earth. I believe in the existence of a soul, an essence infinitely bigger than our human self, that is separate from the body, but that gets reincarnated into a body as a vehicle for the time of its earthly existence, in order to learn, grow and get to experience material life. I believe that we have nothing to fear and that death is just the passage from one state to the other.
The best way for me to stay in touch with this place and these sensations now, is thru contact with nature. What inspires me the most, is to go out into a beautiful garden or into the forest in spring, when nature is coming back to life and when the trees with newborn emerald leaves, move in the breeze.
Then I can get intense reminiscences of this spiritual world; it’s like a trigger.
The landscapes of the south of France can look similar to the place of my memories. There are a lot of tall trees that grow next to water, fountains, enchanting green oaks and some mediterranean houses with elegant white columns. This whole region near my hometown is almost taking the shape of an otherworldly scenery sometimes. There actually are several pictures in the artworks of « Le Secret » and « Souvenirs d’un autre monde » of the
spots where I used to go to get inspired. I am sure that being born in the South of France wasn’t a coincidence and the beauty of the landscapes there had a very important role in the way Alcest and my spirituality developed.



I didn’t make any demo versions of the songs, so I kept all the riffs and song structures for the record in my mind. I played them regularly over the months and years it took to
make the album, to check if I was sure about everything that I had got until the writing process was almost complete. The album was recorded and mixed at my parent’s home in Bagnols-Sur-Cèze over a period of 1 year and a half, during 2005 and 2006. I had no skills in terms of music recording, just a pair of ears and a small book about the subject, that a friend had lent me but that I ended up not reading much of in the end. I wasn’t experienced at all, but still wanted to achieve a decent sound, so that’s probably why it took me such a long time. As far as gear is concerned, I wasn’t comfortable with technology and music programs on computers, so I decided to buy a digital physical recorder. I chose the Roland VS-2400 CD, that had 24 tracks, a built in editing/mixing interface (that was really limited), sound effects, a mastering tool, and a CD burner. In other words, it was just like a regular studio setup but you’ve got everything in a single machine.
The audio quality wasn’t as good as what you could get in a real studio with pre-amps, professional microphones and everything, but it was decent enough.
The other pieces of gear I had, were a super cheap drum microphone setup, which I don’t remember the brand of.
It wasn’t even an authentic brand I think… You got 6or 7 mics in a plastic box, for the price of one ok, « normal » mic. They were surely awful… Paired with the basic drum kit I had (a cheap Pearl Export kit), that’s probably why the sound of the drums is so lo-fi. In retrospective, I
think it gives a certain charm to the overall sound though, something quite organic and DIY. For the guitars, I had a Peavey guitar and a Marshall 8240 Valvestate S80 amp.
The Peavey was a cheap guitar as well, but for some reason sounded really good. Especially the clean tone, which was fantastic. I kept on using that guitar on the sophomore album, « Écailles de lune » that contributed to the dreamiest clean sound we had in Alcest, in my opinion.
For the main rhythm distortion, two tracks panned left and right were laid down, using the saturated channel of the Marshall and a SM57 microphone. Then I recorded two other tracks with a Line 6 Pod and a different texture to give the rhythm section more density. The SM57 was also used for the voice. It’s not the most obvious choice to record soft clean vocals, but with a bit of EQ later in the process, it worked pretty well. For the bass, I had a Ibanez SR that was plugged directly into the console. The only regret I have concerning the recording is the way I recorded the acoustic guitar, which in the end has quite an important role on the album. Just like the bass and the Line 6 rhythm guitars, I plugged it directly into the recorder (it was an amplified acoustic guitar), but I should have taken the sound with a microphone instead, to give it a warmer and more roomy sound.

The mix and mastering took a long time, because I was always doing comparisons with other records. I had to burn CDs for each version, go to my bedroom upstairs and then compare it with some reference albums to make sure that everything was alright. Burning a CD with this
recorder took ages, so the whole thing was extremely tedious. In the end, I can say that the sound surely isn’t the most common or professional I’ve heard, but it has a strong character and a lot of authenticity. I really don’t have much regrets for this record, and the fact that it
wasn’t a bombastic and loud production (due to my lack of knowledge and experience), actually increased the fragile and airy feel of the album.



At the time I started to work on « Souvenirs d’un autre monde », I was already listening to a lot of bands outside of the metal realm. I’ve always been really open-minded and curious when it comes to discovering new music. However, ten years ago it was not common in the French underground metal community to appreciate both black metal and other bands like Depeche Mode, New Order and Joy Division, which count among my favorites. I remember that during the making of « Souvenirs… » I tried not to get directly influenced by music from
the outside and kept the inspirational sources as personal as possible. Obviously, the things I listened to certainly left a mark on me anyway; that’s something you can’t really avoid. Bands like Dead Can Dance, The Smashing Pumpkins and Yann Tiersen for example. I was crazy about Yann Tiersen’s album « Rue des cascades ». It had simple, almost childlike, touching melodies and a strong nostalgic feel. It’s possible to hear its influence on « Souvenirs d’un autre monde ». « Siamese Dream » by The Smashing Pumpkins (probably my favorite record ever) completely changed the way I conceived heavy music, because it was the first time I heard a heavy band using both major/uplifting chords and a wall of distortion. I just loved that sound and felt connected to it for my own music too. There also was an obvious influence from the 90’s Norwegian black metal in the blasting drum parts and the tremolo picking. At the time, I wanted to keep some elements from black metal, but to use them in a completely different context. Instead of having dark and grim melodies, I would use the distortion and
the fast tremolos to achieve an uplifting, nostalgic and luminous feel. As for shoegaze, I got into that scene and bands like Slowdive precisely during the recording of the album, so it didn’t actually influence the writing process. There are so many different impulses in the music (I forgot to mention celtic and classical music), that people often struggle to put Alcest into a genre box. That’s probably why the most conservative metal people disliked us in the beginning. I remember the response to the album was very contrasted. « Souvenirs d’un autre monde » was a love or hate thing for people. In my opinion, there shouldn’t be any compromises when it comes to making art. This album in its overly fragile and otherworldly atmosphere could definitely fall in the category of «no compromise». Alcest is often labelled as the pioneer of « blackgaze », which is certainly a great compliment to me, but I’ve always felt that our sound palette was more diverse than the guidelines of that genre. I would say that other blackgaze bands are usually more « black » than « gaze » so to speak, which is not necessarily our case.



« Souvenirs d’un autre monde » is the album that took the longest time to compose and record out of the whole Alcest discography. The com position started with the title track « Souvenirs d’un autre monde » in 2002/2003 and was finished in 2006 with the song « Tir Nan Og ». I was still at school, so I couldn’t focus on music full time, but the main reason for the delay of this process, was the fact I had a really specific idea that needed to be achieved. I wasn’t in a hurry; only the final result mattered. Now when I compose music, I can have periods of doubts, often asking myself if the material is good enough or not. For this album,
it was a different story. I was free from any kind of pressure from the outside, and because I was still quite unexperienced as a musician, the whole thing ended up feeling very genuine. It’s a pure concept album that didn’t follow any pre-established rules. All of this gives « Souve
nirs… » a really special place in my heart today and is probably also why it’s one of the proudest moments of my musical career so far.
-Neige, June 2017.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alcest.official/

Website: http://www.alcest-music.com/

Dooweet: http://dooweet.org/



Inner Axis – We Live By The Steel

Nach ihrem Debütalbum “Into The Storm” aus dem Jahr 2011 veröffentlichen die Kieler Heavy Metaller INNER AXIS am 22. September ihr neues Werk mit dem Titel “We Live By The Steel”. Bereits zum ersten Album gelang es der Band, in diversen Wettbewerben in die jeweiligen Endausscheidungen zu kommen, u. a. für die Soundtracks zum Film “Punisher Warzone” sowie des Videospiels “Brütal Legend”. Ebenso ging der Song “Rain Or Shine” in die finale Ausscheidung zur offziellen “Wacken Hymne 2015″. Die Band verbindet erneut gekonnt Anleihen aus traditionellem Heavy Metal mit modernen Einflüssen und präsentiert mit den zehn neuen Songs eine gelungene Weiterentwicklung des eigenen “Steels”. Musikalisch nähern sich INNER AXIS respektvoll den Genregrößen und beschreiten gleichzeitig eigene Pfade. Dabei paart sich eine amtliche Produktion mit knackigen Grooves, fetzigen Gitarren und hymnischen Refrains, die nicht selten in epische “BattleArrangements” eingebettet sind. Der Albumtitel “We Live By The Steel” definiert ebenso sprichwörtlich den inhaltlichen Kontext, durchaus bewusst thematisch an klassische Genregrößen wie Manowar angelehnt. Auf der Bühne konnten INNER AXIS bereits als Support von Enforcer, Paragon, Paul DiAnno, Portrait, Seven Thorns oder Shadowbane überzeugen. Nun brennen die Kieler darauf, auch das neue Material live zu verbreiten.



1 Blades Of Death

2 All Is One

3 Night Rider

4 The Brave

5 Red Dead

6 Storm Lords

7 Hound Of Hell

8 The Call Of Steel

9 We Live By The Steel

10 Rain Or Shine

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InnerAxis/

Website: http://inneraxis.home.rock-promotion.com/

fastball-music: www.fastball-music.com



 Fateful Finality – Mankind

Auf ihrem dritten Album nach “King Of Torture” (2011) und “Battery” (2015 / Steamhammer) schieben FATEFUL FINALITY mit “Mankind” ihre eigene Thrash Metal-Interpretation noch einmal deutlich nach vorne. Gnadenlos knallen die zwölf Songs plus Intro und Bonus-Track (“Plaque In The Rain”) aus den Lautsprechern, wobei die Band sich nicht mit überlangen, komplexen Arrangements aufhält, sondern jeden Song so auf den Punkt bringt, dass kaum Luft zum Atmen bleibt. Dennoch bleibt genug Raum für treibende Soli und Tempo-Wechsel, die den Songs die notwendige Eigendynamik verleihen. Dabei steht der Gesang dem amtlichen Gesamtsound in keiner Weise nach, sondern scheint das musikalische Fundament umso mehr anzutreiben. Zum Ende überrascht die Band zudem mit dem wundervollen Bonus-Track “Plaque In The Rain”, welcher sich als emotionale wie mitreissende Ballade entpuppt und mit all seinem Kontrast zum Rest der Songs den perfekten Abschluss einer packenden Thrash Metal-Tour de Force darstellt. Nach einigen Festivalauftritten in diesem Sommer wird die Band im Herbst / Winter 2017 / 18 auf Tour gehen und mit Sicherheit nicht nur eingefleischte Genre-Fans begeistern.




1 Intro

2 Autonomous

3 Now More Than Ever

4 Mouth Plug Money

5 Blind Eyes

6 Forsaken

7 Killed Alive

8 Savage

9 Deadpan 0

10 Fear Of The Unknown

11 Soil Soaked Blood

12 The Evil In Man

13 Rampage

14 Plaque In The Rain (Bonus Track)


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Fateful.Finality.Metal/

Website: http://www.fateful-finality.de/

fastball-music: www.fastball-music.com


mirrorplain_press_band indoor 2_center_cover_center.w480

Mirrorplain – Path Of Salvation

Nach zwei EPs in Eigenproduktion liefern Mirrorplan mit ihrem ersten Longplayer “Path Of Salvation” ein melodisches Rock-Album ab, welches sich nur schwer in eine Standardschublade stecken lässt. Hier wechseln sich epische und abwechslunsgreiche, teils progressiv angehauchte Songs (“Fortune”, “Mirrorplain”) mit geradlinigen Rocknummern (“Unsought”) ab, die allesamt unter die Haut gehen. Dabei besticht neben der amtlichen Produktion aus der Hand von Hilton Theissen (u. a. Dark Millenium) die spielerische Leichtigkeit einer Band, der man einfach anmerkt, dass sie noch mit freiem Kopf und frischen Ideen zu Werke geht. Sänger Christian Döring beweist mit seiner gleichsam einfühlsamen sowie charismatisch rauhen Stimme, dass er locker mit den unterschiedlichen Arrangements mithalten kann. Die Band liefert mit “Path Of Salvation” ein Album mit acht Songs + Bonus Track und einer Spielzeit von knapp 50 Minuten ab, welches sich keiner Formel unterzuordnen scheint und einfach Spass macht. Nach dem die erste Single “Fortune” samt Musikvideo bereits für einige Aufmerksamkeit gesorgt hat, erscheint zum Album-Release noch eine weitere Single / Video zum Song “Salvation”. Die Band wird ebenso auf eine ausgiebige Tour zum Album gehen.



1 Fortune

2 Mirrorplain

3 Salvation

4 Eternal Jack

5 Reparation

6 Unsought

7 Angel Without Wings

8 Tower Of Babel

9 Jerz Off (Bonus Track)


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mirrorplain/

Website: http://www.mirrorplain.de/

fastball-music: www.fastball-music.com



evp schriftzug schwarz

Eli van Pike

Der deutsch-amerikanische Industrial-Metal-Act `Eli van Pike` veröffentlichte bereits die Single `Herzschlag`, die einen musikalischen Vorgeschmack auf das im April 2017 erscheinende Album `Welcome to my DarkSide` gibt.


Musikalisch besticht `Herzschlag` durch die Verschmelzung einer stetig treibenden Drum-Bass Kombination mit harten und rhythmisch ausgefeilten Gitarrenklängen, die von sphärisch aufgebauten Synthesizer-Klängen abgerundet werden. Die düster anmutende Vocalline von Sänger Thorsten Eligehausen, der im einprägsamen Refrain von Sängerin Anni Meier unterstützt wird, machen `Herzschlag´ zu einem Romantic-Power-Song, der zum Mitsingen animiert.

Auf ihrem Debütalbum „Welcome to my Dark Side“ vereinen die Gothic Newcomer Eli van Pike das Beste aus Gothic Metal, Neuer Deutscher Härte und Industrial-Metal und kreieren somit ihren eigenen Sound.

Hinter dem Projekt Eli van Pike stehen die Musiker Thorsten Eligehausen (Schandpfahl, Cradle Of Haze),Marc Vanderberg und Ken Pike.

Bereits mit ihrer Debütsingle „Even Heros Fall“ und der zweiten Vorabsingle „Tears of War“ konnten Eli van Pike einige Blicke auf sich ziehen und sorgten für Aufsehen innerhalb der Gothic- und Metalszene.

Ihre energische Mischung aus hartem Gothic Metal, Neuer Deutscher Härte und Industrial-Metal ist nur ein Teil der musikalischen Rezeptur.

Den letzten Schliff verpassen Eli van Pike den Songs mit ihren Texten, die zum einen auf Deutsch und zum anderen auf Englisch gehalten sind und oftmals einen Spiegel der Abgründe der menschlichen Psyche darstellen.

In kürzester Zeit wurde aus einer Idee eine ganz neue Formation geboren, die vor allem Fans von Rammstein, Eisbrecher, Oomph! oder Lindemann ansprechen dürfte.

Eli van Pike ist düster, Eli van Pike ist hart, aber Eli van Pike ist auch stets eines: melodisch.

Bei Eli van Pike laufen unterschiedlichste musikalische Einflüsse zu etwas Neuem zusammen. Hierdurch entsteht die musikalische Inszenierung und die Eigenständigkeit, die Eli van Pike ausmachen.

Für Fans des düsteren Industrial-Metals und der NDH ist Eli van Pike definitiv interessant.

Der Bandnamesetzt sich aus den Anfangssilben der Bandmitglieder zusammen.

Das am 14.04.2017 erschienene Debütalbum wird über Eligehausens eigenes Label DarkSIGN-Records und über NRT Records veröffentlicht.



01. Made in Germany

02. Herzschlag

03. 1-2-frei

04. World on Fire

05. Tears of War

06. One Last Rose

07. Peter, 41

08. Welcome to My Dark Side

09. Amen

10. Valentine’s Day

Eli Van Pike pic

Line Up:

Marc Vanderberg

Guitars, Drum & Bass


Ken Pike

Lead Vocals

Thorsten Eligehausen

Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Mix &



Industrial-Metal / Neue Deutsche Härte / Dark Metal




Even Heros Fall (Single) – 2016

Tears of War (Single) – 2016

Herzschlag (EP) – 2017

Welcome to my Dark Side

VÖ: 14. April 2017




Logo hellrot silber






END OF GREEN – Release First Lyric Video For Track “Send In The Clowns”!


After celebrating the first song premiere off of END OF GREEN’s upcoming Dark Rock masterpiece Void Estate it’s time to get ready for the next round.

The brand new single “Send In The Clowns” is another fierce strike from German five-piece END OF GREEN. Here’s the way to the worldwide exclusive music video premiere!

Michelle Darkness states:

“Bad experiences or wrong decisions, they surround around you like heavy weights on your shoulder. Or for example people who pisses you off. Everyone knows about that kind of things… so the stage is yours. A stage for all of these clowns. And the day will come to send in the clowns. Cheers everyone. Well, maybe I’m the biggest clown of all. ;)”

Inside of a maze of Goth, Doom, Metal, doleful Alternative and deep-rooted pain, they are still desperate to find hope. END OF GREEN come from a world of their own; no other band is able to visualize isolation in the midst of beauty with such ear-piercing power.

Speaking of new track releases, don’t miss out on “The Door” HERE.





01.Send In The Clowns

02. Dark Side Of The Sun

03. The Door

04. Head Down

05. Crossroads

06. The Unseen

07. Dressed In Black Again

08. Mollodrome

09. Worn And Torn

10. City Of Broken Thoughts

11. Like A Stranger

12. Leave This Town (Bonus Track)

Void Estate will be released on August 4th and is available in the following formats:

2CD Digipak (CD+DVD)

2LP Gatefold

Digital Album

Grab your copy HERE!

We are already looking forward to October and November, when END OF GREEN will be hitting the road all over Germany again! Get your tickets for the upcoming END OF GREEN headlining shows:


on Tour:

20.10.17 DE – Berlin / Columbia Theater

21.10.17 DE – Leipzig / Werk 2

03.11.17 DE – Aschaffenburg / Colos Saal

04.11.17 DE – München / Backstage

09.11.17 DE – Nürnberg / Hirsch

10.11.17 DE – Bochum / Matrix

11.11.17 DE – Hamburg / Knust

18.11.17 DE – LKA Longhorn



Michelle Darkness (Vocals, Guitar)

Kirk Kerker (Guitar)

Lou Siffer (Drums)

Sad Sir (Guitar)

Rainier Sicone Di Hampez (Bass)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/endofgreenofficial/

Website: http://www.endofgreen.de/

Label: https://shop.napalmrecords.com/


Vanish – The Insanity Abstract

VANISH passen in keine Schublade; modern aber trotzdem oldschool, anspruchsvoller Power Metal mit etwas Prog, Thrash und Emotion, aber trotzdem mit Melodie und Groove. 
Das geht nicht? – Und ob das geht! 

Das neue Album �the insanity abstract” ist genau die Schnittmenge aus allem, was geilen Metal ausmacht: Harten Riffs, fetten Drums und Ohrwurm-Refrains. Die Platte klingt kompakter, härter und moderner als der Vorgänger �Come to Wither� aus dem Jahr 2014. Die Single �The Pale King� zeigt genau das und haut mächtig auf die Fresse. Deswegen ist der Song bereits als Video erschienen. Die Songs sind für VANISH eine Herzensangelegenheit. Es sind keine am Computer zusammengeklickten Fragmente, sondern sie entstehen in monatelanger Detailarbeit im gemeinsamen Proberaum, immer komponiert und arrangiert von der Band selbst.
VANISH schaffen es mit druckvollen Songs, einer mächtigen Produktion und interessantem Songwriting einen neuen Sound zu kreieren. Gekrönt wird das Ganze von einem unverwechselbaren Sänger. 

01 - VANISH - PROMO PIC - PRINT - CMYK - MAIN - sw_center_cover_center.w480

Die Band kann sich mit den Großen der Szene messen. In den vergangenen Jahren haben VANISH zahlreiche Clubgigs und Festivals gerockt und konnten als Support von bekannten Namen wie Queensryche, Michael Schenker, Brainstorm, Battle Beast, Mystic Prophecy, Vanderbuyst, Axxis, Bonfire, Freedom Call und Kissin’ Dynamite punkten. Die Live-Aktivität wird ab Sommer 2017 durch die Zusammenarbeit mit der Booking-Agentur LUCKY BOB Music Management auf ein neues Level gehoben.

Ob Live oder auf Platte, VANISH hauen dabei mächtig auf die Fresse und packen auch EUCH bei den Eiern.

Vanish - The Insanity Abstract Cover Front.thumb


1 The Insanity Abstract

2 The Pale King

3 Follow

4 Make Believe (Slipstream Part I)

5 Lilith Cries

6 Frame By Frame (Slipstream Part II)

7 Unforgivable Blackness

8 We Become What We Are

9 Disbelief (Slipstream Part III)

10 That Way Madness Lies

11 Somewhere Along The Line

12 When The Mind Bursts


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Terra – Mors Secunda

Terra are an atmospheric black metal band from Cambridge, England, who have quickly left a lasting impression on the U.K. Black metal scene.

Incorporating elements of Drone and Post-rock, Terra create a unique and intense form of obscure music with dark, brooding bass lines and terrific elemental drumming creating an experience that ebbs, flows, leaps and soars through a panoply of emotions, textures and moods.

Forming in 2014, Terra are an atmospheric black metal band from Cambridge, England, who have quickly left a lasting impression on the U.K.

Black metal landscape with their shows in London and the South-East promoting their début album self-released In April 2015. Incorporating

elements of Drone and Post-rock, Terra create a unique and intense form of dark music, that swiftly after being released, garnered incredibly

positive reviews. Also featuring in DECIBEL MAGAZINE, appearing as TERRORIZER magazines ‘band of the day’ and DROWNED IN SOUND’s

reptile shrine column. Terra are Currently gearing up to promote our second album MORS SECUNDA which has been engineered by Sam

Thredder of SLABDRAGGER, and is currently being mastered by Colin Marston of GORGUTS, KRALLICE and DYSRHYTHMIA.

“Terra are an intense proposition, but possibly one of the most exciting black metal bands around… Get in early while you c an, we may just

have a new king on the throne.” – Echoes and Dust

“The trio mine the same vein as USBM acts such as Fell Voices or Ash Borer or even Wolves In The Throne Room and the Cambridgeshire group

hold their own against such established projects. Terra radiates with an epic scale and tracks weave gorgeous guitars through threads of pulsing

drums and a vocal that is harsh, cold and ever so slightly hidden beneath the music, creating a world of uncertainty and anguish”. – Cheryl

Carter – Thrash Hits

“This personal journey of facing personal mortality is ably supported by some brilliant musicianship: dark, brooding bass lines and some terrific,

elemental drumming create an experience that ebbs, flows, leaps and soars through a panoply of emotions, textures and moods. This is black

metal without artifice or pretence but black metal with resilience and personal fortitude. Terra might only just be starting to set out their stall

but what a stall this is.” – Mat Davies – Ghost Cult Magazine



Luke Braddick = Drums

Olly Walton = Vocals, Bass

Ryan Saunders = Vocals, Guitars



1 – Apotheosis

2 – Nadir

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An Erotic End Of Times – Chapter One- VÖ: 02.06.2017

“Chapter One” ist ein Soundtrack, der das Ende der
Zeit, das Ende der dunklen und erotischen Epochen,






Das erste Album von “An Erotic End Of Times”
zelebriert das Leben und den Tod mit einer
eindringlichen Mischung aus Gothic-, Industrial- und
Metal-Stilrichtungen und bewegt sich musikalisch wie
auch inhaltlich im Genre-Bereich zwischen Fields of
The Nephilim, Type O Negative und Katatonia.
Philippe Deschemin, Sänger und Bandleader der
Industrial / Metal Band PORN, und Erwan Frugier
spielten in besagter Band zwischen 2005 und 2006
gemeinsam und starteten “An Erotic End Of Times” im
Jahr 2015. Philippe ist ebenso Schriftsteller, Journalist
und hält Vorträge an der französischen Universität Du
Paris Viennois über politische Philosophie.
So vermitteln die Texte der Songs eine zugleich
beschauliche wie universelle Message, die sich mit
dem “Ende der Zeit”, mit dem Ende einer Ära, einer
Welt beschäftigen. Die düstere Stimmung des Themas
manifestiert sich in Form einer Musik, die es vermag,
die Genre-Grenzen zwischen Gothic, Industrial und
Metal nahtlos verschmelzen zu lassen.
Der griechische Philosoph Platon sagte bereits, dass
die Philosophy das Lernen zu sterben beschreibt. “An
Erotic End Of Times” zeigen den Weg an das Ende der










1 I Am Become Death 02:23
2 Love Is The End 03:19
3 No Rights Except To Die 05:17
4 A Freaky World 04:47
5 One Second After 05:17
6 Writings On The Wall 04:59
7 The Hangman 05:42
8 The Origin Of All Coming Evil 06:41

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CroworD – The Great Beyond

Tradition ist nicht das Weitergeben von Asche, sondern das Überreichen eines Funkens, um Flammen auflodern zu lassen. So halten es CroworD mit Melodic Death Metal. CroworD spielen nicht einfach dieses Genre – sie nehmen diesen Stil als ästhetische Rahmenbedingung und formen so ihre Musik zu einem stahlharten Mix aus von Rhythmus pulsierenden Klangkörpern, detailverliebten Melodien und erbarmungsloser Arbeit an den Instrumenten.

Die 2012 in der Steiermark gegründete Band stellte sich letztes Jahr mit der EP “Manifest Of Mortal Sickness” und dem Lyrikvideo zum gleichnamigen Song der Öffentlichkeit vor und konnte sofort bei der internationalen Presse punkten, denn der Melodic Death Metal des österreichischen Fünfers überzeugt durch komplexe Kompositionen, gesunde Härte und eingängige Melodien, die stilistisch dem Göteborger Schwedentod der 90er Jahre huldigen und ziemlich schnell klarmachen, dass die Musiker von CroworD ihr Handwerk verstehen, was die Truppe vor allem bei ihren mitreissenden, energetischen Live-Auftritten immer wieder unter Beweis stellt.


Nun, knapp ein Jahr später, erscheint “The Great Beyond”, das zwölf Songs starke und 52 Minuten lange Debütalbum von CroworD, bei dem die Band natürlich im Vergleich zu ihrem ersten Output nochmal eine gute Schippe Authentizität, Stilsicherheit, Wumms und Tiefe zugelegt hat. Im eigenen Studio selbst produziert, hat André Alvinzi (u. a. Insomnium, The Forsaken) den finalen Mix übernommen und das Mastering zeichnet Jens Bogren (u. a. At The Gates, Opeth, Katatonia) verantwortlich.

Dass CroworD den Anspruch haben, über den musikalischen Tellerrand ihres Genres zu blicken, zeigt sich auch in den Songtexten von “The Great Beyond”. Hier werden keine ausgelutschten Klischees bedient, sondern in der Literatur nach Szenen gesucht, die das Sehnen und Suchen des Menschen in einem breiten Spektrum behandeln. Werke von Aldous Huxley, Michael Ende, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry und Franz Kafka, mittelalterliche Sagen und Geschichten aus den Alpen dienen als Impuls für die Texte, die vom Streben nach Freiheit, Wissen, einem größeren Sinn, Liebe, dem Tod oder dem Jenseits handeln und alle gemeinsam haben, dass die Ungewissheit hinter dem zu Erreichenden auf einen wartet. “The Great Beyond” eben.

In “The Great Beyond” nehmen CroworD den Hörer mit auf eine Reise in die menschliche Psyche; eine Reise, die man nicht so schnell vergisst.

CroworD-The great Beyond.thumb


1 An Intimate Impression

2 Message Of The Dead

3 Progress From Discontent

4 Beyond Obsidian Gates

5 The Mountain

6 Spectres Bride

7 Wall Of Blackness Part 1

8 Manifest Of Mortal Sickness

9 A Star’s Eclipse

10 The Longest Fall

11 A Crow’s Word

12 Wall Of Blackness Part 2

Tour 2017

07.09. (AUT) Wien 
08.09. (AUT) Graz 
14.09. (HUN) Székesfehérvár 
15.09. (HUN) Kecskemét 
16.09. (HUN) Budapest 

14.10. (AUT) Klagenfurt 
25.10. (AUT) Wien 
26.10. (AUT) Graz 
18.11. (AUT) St.Pölten 

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youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Av-t46SGPQM

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Alcest – Music from another world

Alcest was founded in the year 2000 by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Neige (aka. Stéphane Paut) and later joined by drummer Winterhalter (Jean Deflandre) in 2009. Labeled as post metal/shoegaze or “blackgaze”, Alcest were the pioneers within this genre, crafting a unique sound based on musical opposites from their very first EP “Le Secret” (2005), and thru their full length releases “Souvenirs D’Un Autre Monde” (2007), “Écailles De Lune” (2010) and “Les Voyages De L’Ame” (2012). In 2014 their fourth album “Shelter” was released, marking the band’s departure from the more metal sound, in favor of dream-pop aesthetics, surprising and somewhat challenging their fan base. In retrospective, the album opened new doors for Alcest, bringing them an audience from different horizons and a positive sense of unpredictability as musicians. 

Over the years, Alcest influenced a lot of other artists and gained a significant popularity around the world, leading them to do several tours all over Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Australia.


“Kodama” (2016), the upcoming fifth album by Alcest marks the French duo’s ferocious return to the epic and contrasted style of its early works while continuing the band’s relentless pursuit for fresh ideas. Combining poetic elements with darker ones, that were not present in Alcest’s earlier works, “Kodama” manifests as an intense album, featuring a more organic, punchy sound and showcasing impulses from an array of different places.

Originally triggered by Hayao Miyazaki’s anime film “Princess Mononoke”, “Kodama” picks up on the fate of its protagonist and, at its core, deals with the sensation of not belonging; of living in between worlds, be it city and nature, the physical and spiritual one. By giving the album a cultural, stylistic and compositional narrative, Neige and Winterhalter keep “Kodama” from just being the latest improvement on the Alcest sound and instead make the album a most rare and exciting thing: a vital, relevant record from a front runner that not only upholds the band’s trailblazing legacy, but actually makes you want to see where they go next.





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Das neue Album von Marc Vanderberg wird „Highway Demon“ heißen.

Das angekündigte zweite Album von Marc Vanderberg wird „Highway Demon“ heißen. Die weltweite Veröffentlichung des Albums wird am 7. September 2017 über das deutsche Label darkSIGN-RECORDS erfolgen.  Das Album umfasst neun Rocksongs und ein Instrumentalstück.

Wir sind in den letzten Zügen, das Album fertigzustellen. Zwei Songs müssen noch eingespielt werden. Der Großteil ist bereits gemixt und gemastert, so dass wir die Veröffentlichung schon Anfang September durchführen können. Die Songs haben Druck, eingängige Melodien und den klassischen Hardrock als Vorbild“, so Vanderberg.










1.Highway Demon

2. Blue Eyes

3. Bad Paradise

4. The Last Battle

5. How do you Feel

6. Indispensible

7. You´re like Poison

8. When I turn the Key

9. Final Chapter

10. Total Eclipse (Instrumental)









Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marcvanderbergofficial

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGqrRA0lJZV20ef04oV4haw

Label: http://www.darksignmusic.de/


Kontakt für Interviews, Reviews und Bookings:


T: 0049/177/7748128




Heartlay began in 2014 as a creative outlet for Aaron Sadrin.
Born from a desire to create forceful music without boundaries, the project combines cohesive influences from industrial, alternative, electronic and metal, creating an hybrid and singular sound and vision with raw human emotions.

In its early days, Heartlay released a couple of EP’s – ‘Injection’ (2014) and ‘Remedy’ (2015) – which have been both warmly welcomed by specialized press. The band has also shared the stage with international bands such as Exist Immortal, Cloud Maze or Cyclamen.

Written in wilful isolation by its creator, Heartlay’s debut full lenght album ‘Close To Collapse’ is the best testimony of what the band is all about: a combination of strenght and vulnerability materialized by sonic assaults of digital guitars, tortured electronics and emotional melodies. Co-recorded at D.N.I. Studio (T.A.N.K., InCry, Syndro-Sys) and mastered by Tower Studio (Chimaira, Megadeth, Septicflesh), the album release is scheduled for the 16th of June 2017.

On stage, Heartlay consists of Xavier Schattel on guitar, Antoine Verdier on bass, Aaron Sadrin on vocals / guitar and Cyril Merlaud on drums.





2017: Close To Collapse (An Exile Music)


2014: Injection (Independant)

2015: Remedy (Independant)


2017: Nothing To Say (Dolls Of Pain – Heartlay Remix) (Trisol Music Group)


2016: Chrome (Original by VNV Nation) (Independant)


2015: Play For Paris (‘The Battle’(Independant)

2015: Sumeenk Winter Sampler 2015 (‘Through The Window’(Sumeenk Agency)

2017: In The Bloodlit Dark! – May 2017 (‘Thrown’(Bloodlit)













Label: https://www.facebook.com/anexilemusic/




Willkommen in einer kargen Welt, in einer Welt des Schmutzes, in der Welt von DEVIL-M!

Zieht eure Schutzkreise um euch, denn wie aus dem Nichts ziehen euch die teuflischen Musiker aus Oldenburg in den Bann und füllen die verstaubten Herzen mit einer Melange aus dem Dreck und der Musik einer postapokalyptisch anmutenden Gesellschaft! Gnadenlos und unermüdlich schlagen die diabolischen Industrial-Metaler zu und hämmern sich mit gnadenlosen Riffs im Stile von PSYCLON NINE und IN THIS MOMENT in die Herzen der Hörerschaft. Bereits seit 2009 begeistern DEVIL-M die Welt mit ihrer Musik, gepaart mit aufwändigen und großartigen Artworks.

Mit „Hollow Earth“ holen die Oldenburger nun zum ultimativen Schlag aus. Zwölf energiegeladene Tracks mit teils melancholischem, teils bestechend teuflischem Sound bevölkern die namensgebende hohle und leergefegte Erde wie Invasoren die ein neues Zeitalter einläuten. Wem MARILYN MANSON über die letzten Jahre zu zahm geworden ist, der darf sich beim neuen Album von DEVIL-M auf eine konsequente Weiterverfolgung der verloren geglaubten Wurzeln jenes Sounds freuen, der eine ganze Generation geprägt hat.

Eines ist sicher: Die Offenbarung der „Hollow Earth“ erwartet uns am 27.01.2017 sowohl physisch als auch digital und sollte von niemandem verpasst werden! 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/devilmband/about/?ref=page_internal

Website: http://www.devil-m.de/

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Silver Dust – The Age Of Decadence

Officiel FB SUMMER TOUR 2017.thumb.w640




Die Schweizer Rockband Silver Dust wurde 2013 gegründet und veröffentlichte im gleichen Jahr ihr Debütalbum “Lost In Time”. Kurz danach spielten sie bereits auf dem Montreux Jazz Festival und sind seit 2014 konstant live unterwegs. So teilten sie sich unter anderem mit MASS HYSTERIA, ELUVEITIE, DEFTONES, CRUCIFIED BARBARA, KYO und THE OFFSPRING die Festival-Bühnen und spielten zahlreiche Support Shows. Im Jahr 2016 begleiteten sie LORDI auf ihrer Europa-Tournee. Das Quartett gewann im April einen vom mythischen “GREENFIELD FESTIVAL” veranstalteten Wettbewerb und wird dort am 10. Juni als Opening Act für AMON AMARTH und NIGHTWISH auftreten.

Silver Dust präsentieren auf der Bühne eine eindrucksvolle und effektgeladene visuelle Show und erinnern mit ihrem Steam Punk -Stil an Tim Burtons magisches Universum. Dies spiegelt sich auch in der Musik wieder, die treibenden Power Rock mit elektronischen sowie klassischen Einflüssen verbindet.

The Age Of Decadence Cover Front.thumb

Das neue Album “The Age Of Decadence” markiert einen weiteren Meilenstein in der Band-Historie. So versteht es die Band, auf den zehn Songs des Albums eine Vielzahl von Stilrichtungen sowie englische wie französische Texte homogen zu verbinden und ihr eigenes Klang-Universum zu erschaffen. Jeder Song hat seine eigene Charakteristik, und alle zusammen definieren einen typischen Silver Dust-Sound, der in Erinnerung bleibt. Unterstützt wird dies nicht zuletzt durch eine amtliche Produktion, die sowohl der melodischen Komponente als auch purem Rock mehr als dienlich ist.

Die Band wird im Sommer und Herbst 2017 einige Festivals sowie eine Tour durch verschiedene Länder in Europa spielen, bevor es dann an die Vorbereitungen zum kommenden dritten Album geht, welches 2018 erscheinen wird.


14.8 – Prague (CZ) @Zizkostel
15.8 – Brno (CZ) @RC Brooklyn
16.8 – Wroclaw (PL) @Alive
17.8 – Banska Bystrica (SK) @Farhof
18.8 – Roznava (SK) @Rakwa Music Club
19.8 – Ostrava (CZ) @Chacharkovo Doupe

Silver Dust - Silver Dust (c) Sébastien Deloy_top_cover_top.w480






Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SilverDustOnline/?fref=ts

Website: http://www.silver-dust.net/

RockPromotion / Fastball Music: http://www.fastball-music.de/



CULT OF ERINYES – Tiberivs – Third Album from Ritualistic Black

Metallers Cult of Erinyes. Spawned with the intention to distil arstistic audacity into respected traditions, Cult of Erinyes belongs to the forbidden experience, where music

is merely a symptom of a higher truth. Rituali stic hymns, vicious and twisted vocals, furious rhythmics and ambient digressions are only a few weapons which make Cult of Erinyes a special band in the black Metal scene.


Formed late 2009, the Cult wasted no time, recording its first EP “Golgotha” less than a year later. The EP was released early 2011 through Kunsthauch & Dunkelkunst, as well as on a limited edition tape through Caverna Abismal Records.

Insatiable, the band re-entered the Blackout Multimedia studio late 2010 to record its first full-length album engineered by Phorgath (Enthroned, Emptiness). “A Place to Call My Unknown” was released on Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Production around mid- 2011 and is almost unanimously revered by media and audiences. After signing a multi album deal with Aural Music’s imprint code666, they entered the Studio during summer 2013 to record their second album “Blessed Extinction”, released in late 2013.

After 4 years of hard work, the band is now ready to return with a brand new Concept album titled “Tiberivs”. Commented mainman Corvus: “I always perceived Cult of Erinyes as a portal that allows my mind to connect with different universes. I had, from the very beginning of the creative process, to immerse myself in a definite time period: Ancient Roman Empire, Tiberius era.

Each song, melody, riff, had to refer to a variation of emotions forgotten by Time itself. What sounded like a fantastic challenge ended as a nightmare where my subconscious get lost. Desperation, frustration and madness raised dangerously. This third album is our most progressive effort so far, but also contains radical and intense parts sublimed by Mastema’s urges for ferocity.

We both went as far as we could on this album and were lucky to be helped in our task by long time devoted musicians Algol (bass, additional guitars), Baron (lead guitars, artwork) and Déhà, who handled the drums, some guitars/keys and the the mix/mastering process. Last but not least, Alex (Kall, Hypothermia, Craft) offered us a 5 stars bass line on the intro and Marc De Backer, my

brother in Wolvennest, added some crystal clear guitar sounds on the album. This album also marked the end of my long time musical and spiritual journey with Mastema. I can only but respect his decision and salute the energy he shared in Tiberivs. This concept album was his idea, and I’m glad we end our collaboration on this high and digressive note. He will be replaced for future

live and record duties by the most extreme and mentally extreme singer I know, Déhà, who is known for his work with Yhdarl, Maladie, We All Die (Laughing) and shitloads of other good projects. For all those reasons, I will hate and cherish this album. For Centuries To Come.”



“Golgotha” (EP 2010)

“A Place to Call my Unknown” (CD 2011)

“Zifir/Cult Of Erinyes” (SPLIT-CD 2012)

Blessed Extinction” (CD 2013) – code666

Tiberivs“ (CD 2017)


cover preview









(Achaea, 41 B.C.

Nero (Divine Providence)

Casvs Belli

Bred For War



First of Men

Damnatio Memoriae

For Centuries To Come




Corvus: guitars, bass

Mastema: vocals

Algol: bass, guitars

Baron: lead guitar

D: drums, keys, guitars


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cult.erinyes/

Website: http://www.cultoferinyes.com/

auralmusic: http://www.auralmusic.com/


Firesphere 64







Mit `Requiem` veröffentlichen die Musiker um `Firesphere`-Sänger `Priest` ein Album, das treibende Rhythmen und hart klingende Gitarren mit orchestralen, cinematischen  Arrangements verbindet.

Sänger und Songschreiber `Priest` beschreibt das Debutalbum als „großartiges und in sich geschlossenes“ Album. „Den Hörern wird ein `Dark Fantasy` Konzept Album präsentiert, bei dem Text und Musik den Hörer auf eine musikalische Zeitreise mitnehmen“, so `Piest`.

Hinter `Firesphere` verbirgt sich ein nie dagewesenes Konzept. Jedes Bandmitglied stellt einen Charakter mit Namen und Hintergrundgeschichte dar. Jeder Charakter ist unsterblich und lebt schon eine sehr lange Zeit. Alle Bandmitglieder wurden vom `Priest` und von `Rosemary Butterfly` für den Dunklen Orden der Kreuze und Drachen (Dark Order of the Cross and Dragon) ausgewählt; ein Orden, der vor mehreren Jahrhunderten gegründet wurde, um Personen – wie `Priest` und `Rosemary Butterfly` – einen Ort der Zuflucht und der Freundschaft zu geben.










  1. Requiem
  2. Behind These Eyes
  3. Silent Darkness
  4. In The Silence
  5. Tonight
  6. I See You
  7. Release Me
  8. Into My Heart
  9. Calling Me
  10. Fate (instrumental)
  11. Come With Me
  12. Bringing You Here


`Firesphere´ ist eine Industrial Rock / Metal-Band, die Techno mit epischen Klängen kombiniert, um einen völlig neuen und einzigartigen Sound zu kreieren. `Firesphere´ wurde vom mystischen und dunklen `Priest` und der ebenso dunklen und hypnotisierenden japanischen Schönheit ROSEMARY BUTTERFLY geschaffen.


Zusammen mit “The Messengers”, Blacksmith (Gitarre), Roadblock (Gitarre), TSUKIME (Keyboards), ASMODEUS STONE (Bass) und MASON (Schlagzeug), entsteht eine dunkle und mystische Musikrichtung.

`Firesphere` umarmt die Hörer dunkel und kalt und hält sie für immer fest.


Website: www.firesphere.biz

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Firesphererocks/

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/@FiresphereX

Reverbnation: https://www.reverbnation.com/firesphere

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOtgr56CVmLm_C9AwARlxQA


PLEASUREAGONY – “Pleasureagony”









PLEASUREAGONY aus Stuttgart vereinen auf ihrem Debütabum zahlreiche Metal- und Rock-Stilrichtungen und verschmelzen diese zu einer musikalischen Tour de Force, die das Album zur einer abwechslungsreichen, wie spannenden Achterbahnfahrt für den Zuhörer macht.

So wechseln sich schwere Rhythmen mit zügigen Mid-Tempo- und Thrash-Nummern ab, garniert mit melodischen Gesangs- und Solo-Passagen, die den Songs jene Komplexität und Dichte verleihen, die für eine eigene, musikalische Identität elementar sind. Fast schon progressiv knallen einige Songs mit voller Wucht aus den Lautsprechern, ohne dabei ihren Bezug zum jeweiligen Thema zu verlieren.







Dabei vermag es Sänger Valentin, das volle Spektrum seiner Stimme auszuschöpfen, indem er gekonnt zwischen Shoutings, kratzigen Growls und melancholisch bis tief düsteren Gesangspassagen wechselt. Nahtlos erscheint hier die Symbiose zwischen Klangbild und tragendem Gesang, und genau so muss das auch sein. Besonders Songs wie “(The Living) Envy The Dead” scheinen mit ihrer Wucht wahrlich ein Statement für spannenden Metal zu manifestieren, wie er abseits von Klischees und immer wieder kopierten Vorbildern auch heute noch funktionieren kann.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/plagony/

Website: http://www.pleasureagony.de/

Fastball- Music: http://www.fastball-music.de/


 RAW – From the first glass to the grave


RAW does not represent nor does it subscribe to any musical genre or tradition. A two piece project conceived in 2012, RAW’s purpose has always been an experimental outlet to express the honest emotions and true experiences of its members, Will “Thicksaw” Wylie and Roger “Skinnyback” LeBlanc. With influences ranging from old Delta blues, Psychedelic Rock, Country and Black Metal, RAW will never be about a musical taste or genre but, rather, a message and voice of true emotion and human experience.






Line Up:

Will “Thicksaw” Wylie

Roger “Skinnyback” LeBlanc

Taylor “Philly Joe” Graw







Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RAWbluesfromhell/

bandcamp: https://rawbluesfromhell.bandcamp.com/album/from-the-first-glass-to-the-grave

auralmusic: http://www.auralmusic.com




Heavy Psych Doom inspired by Mysticism, Philosophy and Obscure german physician and religious poet Angelus Silesius. Through metaphysics, panteism and spirituality, these five tracks sprawl out along abandoned landscapes. with stoner riffs, doom tempos and rarefied drones, Istvan sound is a volcanic warmth enveloping post-rock mists. for fans of: Earth, Om, Slint and Black Sabbath.











1. Bohor

2. Mire

3. Stonemill

4. Rundweg

  1. Kenosis


All in their early twenties, the members of Istvan hail from Forlì, a misty suburban city 50 miles south/east of Bologna. Their debut-album is influenced by heavy psych as well as contemporary doom wizards, and inspired by German physician and religious poet Angelus Silesius. Through stoner riffs, doomy tempos and rarefied drones, the Istvan sound is like a vulcanic heat enveloping post-rock mists. Earth, Om, Earthless, Black Sabbath, Slint and guitar guru John Fahey all left their mark on Istvan’s s/t album.

Inspired by Mysticism, Philosophy, panteism and spirituality, these five tracks sprawl out along abandoned landscapes, highlighted by guitar leads that tap into Robin Trower’s acid blues and Tony Iommi’s doom riffs. But Istvan venture even further into experimental realms, taking you into krautrock and progressive territory… The skill level of this band and the high level of artistry that accompanies their songwriting makes this one of the debut album of the year.









Carlo Teo Pedretti – guitar & voice

Giacomo Russo – bass

Marco Sabbatani – drums & glockenspiel


Facebook: www.facebook.com/istvanfellowship

bandcamp: https://istvanfellowship.bandcamp.com/track/kenosis

auralmusic: http://www.auralmusic.com/


RAZZMATTAZZ – “Diggin’ For Gold” 


RAZZMATTAZZ (sprich: Räsmatäs) sind für Kenner der Szene längst ein Markenzeichen für Hard Rock mit Kick-Ass Garantie. Ihr Sound, der irgendwo zwischen AC/DC, ZZ Top und NWOBHM liegt, erzeugt symptomatisches Tohuwabohu und Halligalli, so die eigentliche Bedeutung des Bandnamens Razzmattazz.

Mittlerweile liegt das dritte Album “Diggin’ For Gold” vor. Nach den beiden prämierten und von der Fachpresse gelobten Alben “Rock and Roll Hero” (2012) sowie “Sons Of Guns” (2014) – beide Alben gewannen beim Deutschen Rock- und Pop-Preis den Preis als “Bestes Neues Hardrockalbum” – knallen nun zwölf neue Songs auf die Ohren und treten akustisch in den Allerwertesten.

Razzmattazz ist ein neues, erfrischend vielseitiges Album gelungen. Eine sexy Mischung aus Ass-Kick-Rock, NWOBHM und einer gehörigen Portion Power-Blues-Einfluss. Tight, druckvoll, erfrischend, fett und mit der Garantie zum Mitsingen. Razzmattazz liefern erneut voll ab und bringen eine schnörkellose und stampfende Rock-Maschine auf den sprichwörtlichen “goldenen” Punkt. Musikalisch spielt die Band mit “All Lights On Me” und “Back To You” zum ersten Mal Balladen, die sich wunderbar in den Rhythmus des Albums eingliedern können. Besonders das episch-bluesige “Back To You” lässt die Gefühle hochkochen und liefert die perfekte Tanzballade des Albums.

Wenn Razzmattazz weiterhin mit ihrer unermüdlichen Beharrlichkeit und ihrem Top-Song-Material auftrumpfen, stossen sie ganz sicher noch auf Gold.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Razzmattazz.Rockband/?ref=page_internal

Website: https://www.razzmattazz.com/

Rock-Promotion / Fastball-Music: http://www.fastball-music.de/










Frankreichs beste Female fronted Metal Band ist zurück! OBLIVION ist da!

Es wird wieder Staub aufgewirbelt, bis kein Stein mehr auf dem anderen steht!

Wer nach dem furiosen Debüt-Album „Never Look Back“ schon dachte, dass das alles war, der wird mit dem neuen Feuerwerk eines Albums „Oblivion“ eines Besseren belehrt! Wie 2015 bereits angekündigt kennen die Franzosen nur eine Richtung: Nach vorne!

Dabei präsentieren uns DUST IN MIND nicht einfach nur ein neues Album, sondern schaffen dabei vielmehr eine völlig neue Welt voller grotesker Bilder und Geschichten, die direkt den Finger in die Wunde all jener Themen legt, die unsere Zeit nicht weniger surreal erscheinen lässt, als das Bild, das die Straßburger mit ihrem zweiten Meisterwerk erschaffen haben.

Oblivion“ ist vollgepackt mit Härte, Gefühl und einer Mixtur der Genialität wahrer Szene-Größen wie KORN, PAIN oder KATATONIA und schafft dabei einen Sound, der dennoch ganz klar die Handschrift der französischen Musiker trägt. Doch damit nicht genug: Gleich vier der 10 neuen Tracks erscheinen in Begleitung aufwändiger und wunderschöner Musik-Videos, die man sich keinesfalls entgehen lassen darf.
Wie der Phoenix aus der Asche steigen DUST IN MIND abermals auf und sind dabei schöner, lauter und fokussierter als jemals zuvor.

Unser Geheimrezept für alle, die jetzt noch nicht heiß gelaufen sind lautet also: Feiern mit DUST IN MIND! Das neue Album „Oblivion“ lässt die gefrorenen Glieder im nu auftauen und verwandelt selbst die kälteste Hütte in einen wahren Hochofen! Macht euch also auf eine Hitzewelle gefasst, denn das Hoch „Oblivion“ erreicht uns pünktlich am 7. April in digitaler Form und als Digipak mit aufwändig gestaltetem 6-seitigem Booklet und lässt dabei ganze Welten aufeinanderprallen, die fremder und zugleich vertrauter nicht sein könnten.

Hier könnt ihr „Oblivion“ bekommen:
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/ObliTunes
Amazon CD: http://smarturl.it/ObliCD
Amazon mp3: http://smarturl.it/ObliMP3zon
Bandcamp: https://dustinmind.bandcamp.com
Spotify: http://smarturl.it/DIMSpotify

“Masterpiece from France!” – Orkus Magazin
“Catchy, modern, full of Energy!” – Metal. de
“Respect! One of the most important actors of the new generation of modern metal bands!” – Legacy Magazin
“They are here to win!” – Metallian Magazin

Wir möchten euch noch herzlich einladen das neue Musik Video “I’m Different” anzuschauen. Das Video ist sehr besonders da es eine Plansequenz ist: eine Sequenz innerhalb eines Films, die nur aus einer einzigen langen Einstellung besteht und eine abgeschlossene Handlung ohne Schnitte zeigt.
Die Szenenänderungen, die die klassischen Schnitte ersetzen, werden entweder durch passend inszenierte Auftritte der Darsteller erreicht, durch Ortsveränderungen innerhalb des Filmsets oder beides in Kombination…





Jetzt Musik laut drehen, wir wünschen euch viel Spaß damit!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DustInMindMusic/?fref=ts

Website: http://www.dustinmind.com/

darkTunesMusicGroup: http://www.darktunes.com/en/




Gnosis” contains 9 tracks of epic black metal. Song titles set to appear on the effort include “Benei ha’Elohim” (based on the Book of Enoch – Man mixes with fallen angels, who gift them with knowledge and children), “Pandaemonium Gathers” (inspired by Paradise Lost (Milton) – Satan convinces his fallen comrades to take revenge for being expelled out of heaven), and “1904 Era Vulgaris” (after The Book of the Law (Crowley) – A brief description of some of the basic concepts of Crowley’s Thelema).

Comments SAILLE guitarist Reinier Schenk: “Our previous cd “Eldritch” was a good album, but we felt it had to be darker, we had to bring SAILLE to another level. The logo has been modified as a statement; the ‘curls’ were removed, both in style and music. The listener can expect a more defined SAILLE, with an own identity. The tracks are more compact and powerful, meanwhile referring to the feel of our 2nd cd “Ritu”, but more intense and extreme this time.”

The new album also depicts SAILLE as a five-piece for the first time. Founding member Dries Gaerdelen decided to leave the band to focus on the bookings. Drummer Kevin De Leener states: “The orchestral part will remain an important part of SAILLE, but there will be no keyboard player on stage anymore.” Concerning the recording of the drums for this album he says: “Well, it is definitely faster, which I think is awesome, and finally I am very satisfied with the natural sound of the drums on this record.”

Gnosis’ is a concept album again. SAILLE frontman Dennie Grondelaers explains about the writing process and lyrics: “With ‘Gnosis’ (Greek for ‘knowledge’) we venture into the world of the Promethean ideal and its Luciferian counterpart. This album explores a multitude of historical, mythological and fictional sources that tell us about the strife for knowledge and its (potentially devastating) consequences. We also visit several creation myths and scratch the surface of Aleister Crowley’s Thelema. The concept was born during research into Russian composer Alexander Scriabin and his works. His ‘Prometheus: The Poem of Fire’ didn’t serve as a direct source for the lyrics, but it lit the fire that made us venture into above topics.”










1 Benei ha’Elohim
2 Pandaemonium Gathers
3 Blôt
4 Genesis 11:1-9
5 Before the Crawling Chaos
6 Prometheus
7 Thou, My Maker
8 Magnum Opus
9 1904 Era Vulgaris


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/saillemetal/

Website: www.saille.be

auralmusic: http://www.auralmusic.com/



British Black Metallers Hryre unveil the cover artwork of their debut album titled “From Mortality to Infinity”. here’s what the band had to say:

Our long awaited debut album “From Mortality to Infinity” will soon be available to share with you all and we are very excited after a lot of blood sweat and tears. We have taken our time in crafting what we feel is a true representation of our artistic intent and we are proud of what we have achieved. 
We are thrilled to have worked with some amazing people on this project namely Steve Royston-Smith, Ben Hamin & Matthew Payne in our production team. We also had the pleasure of working creatively with Michael Blenkarn, Katie Stone, Kirstie Louise Barwick & Petula Jessica Hanson all of whom have certainly played their part in making the album what it is and we are delighted with the outcome.
We have worked with Daniel Owen at Nemesis Designs to create the album art and we are thoroughly delighted with how he has interpreted our musical idea in to an amazing illustration and we could not have asked for more, it truly is fantastic.
We are immensely proud to be welcomed in to the family at Aural Records and we cannot thank them enough for the patience and support they have kindly shown us. They are as passionate about our music as we are and together we hope to give our fan base an album that’s been well worth the wait.”


01. Inauguration 
02. Devastation Of Empires 
03. Plagues On Ancient Graves 
04. Alive Beneath The Surface 
05. Cast Into Shade Part One (Farewell) 
06. Cast Into Shade Part Two (Black Sun) 
07. Lamenting The Coming Dread 
08. Regressed States Of Malice 
09. Return To The Earth







Hryre is a Black Metal project based in West Yorkshire. Hryre’s musical focus directed towards ancient heritage, individualism and spirituality. Our lyrics reflect those of self-exploration and our own spiritual growth. We construct music of a darker and atmospheric reflection in an attempt to harness the ambiance of the landscapes of our beautifully bleak surroundings whilst focusing on subject matters in which challenge and provoke thought.

We exist as a collective of freethinking individuals, we believe in the developing and nurturing of all freethinking individuals and the right to freely question and explore existence and its infinite possibilities.

We honour society as a collective of individuals and promote the opportunity for any person to find their own way in their life. We feel life is for living and exploring freely and without prejudice or persecution. . Through freedom of exploration and research comes wisdom and knowledge.
Official (White on Black)







Hryre was officially formed in early 2013 when founding members Rick & Nathan were exploring and experimenting with a range of dirty and dank tones surrounding the Black Metal sub-genre.

Writing and recording progressed for some time until Rick was introduced to Garreth “Gaz” Hodgson (currently of A Forest of Stars and Acolyte) by mutual good friend Duncan Evans and after an alcohol fueled curry cated session Gaz was drafted straight in to the project as a core member. Garreth instantly got where the project were going and has become a definitive factor in the eventual formation of Hryre.

We now officially stand as three core members but have had the honor and privilege of welcoming a good friend of many years Michael Blenkarn (aka Árfæst of Wodensthrone) as guest keyboard player.

Each member has been thoroughly instrumental towards creating and honing our sound and we are incredibly exited by what we have accomplished. We are now very close to completing our first E.P titled “Deaþ Þurhfaran Eftboren – Heretéam fram Anweald” commonly known as “The Devastation of Empires” scheduled for release in the Spring of 2014.

We invite you to share this with us and hope you thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hryreuk/

auralmusic: http://www.auralmusic.com/







Greek progressive black metal horde Aenaon will release their third studio offering next month via Code666. Titled Hypnosophy, the seven track offering was captured at Crown Audio Conspiracies and is a work of vision and devotion. Dreamlike yet nightmarish, sensual yet dark, an extreme and progressive musical effort complemented by the unique art of Łukasz Wodyński. Hypnosophy is a portal to a glorious surrealistic journey.

Hypnosophy will be released via Aural Music sublabel Code666 on CD, double black vinyl, limited-edition double red vinyl with bonus cd, and digital formats on November 25 in Europe and December 9 in North America.


Video sample first single “Oneirodynia” at THIS LOCATION.

“‘Oneirodynia’ is the opening track of our new album,” elaborates the band, “an progressive inferno that offers no compromise. From the stormy parts to the more tranquil movememnts, ‘Oneirodynia’ simulates all the pleasures and sufferings that an individual can experience in the state of dreaming.”

Adds No Clean Singing in an investigation of the track, “The song has a beautiful, mesmerizing beginning… but don’t get too comfortable, because it soon ignites in a fireball of intensity. As the blast front propagates, the music grows in its fascination, with the jolting attack accented by wonderful saxophone solos, neuron-twisting guitar machinations, a riveting performance by the rhythm section, and a stirring mix of harsh and clean vocals. The intensity abates in the song’s second half, making way for an intriguing instrumental section before the final surge of exuberance, led once again by an incendiary saxophone performance.”










Track Listing

2. Fire walk with me
3. Earth Tomb
4. Void
5. Tunnel
6. Thus Ocean Swells
7. Phronesis / Psychomagic

Forged in 2006, AENAON takes its name from the Greek word “Αέναον,” the Eternal. Churching a distinctly atypical brand of experimental black metal, the band recorded their debut EP Phenomenon in 2007. It was released in 2009 via the Canadian Bleak Art Records and followed by a seven-inch split with Satanochio titled A Parallel Zoetrope in 2010. By 2011, the band had culled a solid underground following and united with Italian label Code666 who released their debut full-length, Cendres et Sang. The release marked the beginning of a new era for the band and a solid collaboration. In 2013, the Greeks released another seven-inch split with the Russia’s Stielas Storhett. However it was 2014’s Code666- issued Extance long player that earned them the most acclaim. immediately received fervent acceptance by the extreme metal scene. Continuing the tradition, in 2015 a third seven-inch split was released in alliance with their Greek comrades Virus Of Koch.

And now the world awaits Hypnosophy….

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aenaonofficial/

Website: http://www.aenaon-band.com/

auralmusic: http://www.auralmusic.com/



New single from the italian Hard Rock Veterans RAIN, featuring mix and master by Beau Hill (Alice Cooper, Winger, Ratt and more), and backing vocals by Alessandro Del Vecchio (Edge Of Forever, Hardline, Voodoo Circle).

Available NOW for digital download and streaming. included as bonus track on the Spacepirates vinyl edition out april 2017 and preorderable on www.auralwebstore.com.


Die italienische Rockband Rain präsentiert ein Hardrockstück vom Feinsten!

Treibende Gitarrenriffs, ein ordentliches Pfund von Drums und Bass, machen den Song sofort zu einem Ohrwurm.

Die gesangliche Glanzleistung von Sänger Alessandro Del Vecchio und der eingängige Refrain erinnern an die 90èr und zaubern ein Lächeln ins Gesicht.

Absolut hörenswerter Oldshoolrock in 2017. Mir gefällt es sehr gut!

geschrieben von Susanne Prokop

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/raincrew1980/?fref=ts

Website: http://www.raincrew.com/

auralmusic: hthttp://www.raincrew.com/




Scottish avant-garde blackened metal band ASHENSPIRE have teamed up with Heavy Blog is Heavy to reveal their lyric video for “Restless Giants”. The video features images of Glasgow while the harrowing track plays in the background. The track is taken from their new album Speak Not of the Laudanum Quandary which will be released on January 20th.

The band commented: “Drawing particularly relevant parallels to scenes of today, Restless Giants is an observation focusing on the displaced, or refugees. Scottish history is no stranger to this concept (the Highland Clearances come to mind) but the uprooting and vilification of common peoples has long been a tool used by oppressors and imperialists the world over to justify subjugation and indifference. We leave the listener to draw their own conclusions on the associated images.”

Recorded and Mixed by Greg Chandler
(Esoteric, Fen)
Mastered by Brad Boatright (Sunn O))), Bell Witch, Yob, Converge)
Artwork by Ryan Mutter, logo by View
from The Coffin

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ashenspire/?fref=ts

Website: http://ashenspire.tumblr.com/

auralmusic: http://www.auralmusic.com/





Atmospheric Black Metallers FEN have announced details of their fifth full-length album which is set to be released on Code666 on the 17th March. Titled “Winter”, and produced by of Jaime Gomez Arellano at the Orgone Studios in London (ULVER, ALTAR OF PLAGUES, GRAVE MIASMA, PRIMORDIAL, SOLSTAFIR), the six-track album promises to be a colossal piece of work for the English three-piece, at once rich in sound, beguilingly delicate, and yet laced with darkness.

Consisting of six songs that are thematically and compositionally linked, each piece on “Winter” flows into the next, and, ideally, the whole record is intended to be listened to in one sitting to allow the full journey to be absorbed. Musically, the band have sought to push themselves further than ever before and Fen’s trademark use of atmospheric Black Metal and delicate, spacious cleans, has been married with aspects of 70s progressive rock, shoegaze and doom metal, with the intention of rendering ‘Winter’ as involving and as immersive a listen as possible.

“Winter” will be available in Standard CD, Double Black Vinyl limited to 300 copies, and Digital formats. In addition there will also be available a Special Collectors Box limited to 199 copies which will include the standard CD, an additional bonus CD, the DLP with Side A/Side B in a smashed splatter effect of transparent aquamarine and opaque cream, an exclusive T-shirt and poster, and a certificate of authenticity signed by the band.

With artwork by Grungyn, tracklisting for “Winter” is as follows:

I. I (Pathway)
II. II (Penance)
III. III (Fear)
IV. IV (Interment)
V. V (Death)
VI. VI (Sight)

Bonus (available on all the Limited formats):
I. The Keening Soils
II. Sight (Reprise)
III. Penumbral Whispers
IV. Temples Beyond the Shoreline

Formed in early 2006 with the goal of producing Atmospheric Black Metal that incorporates elements of post-rock, FEN have, since then, found themselves at the vanguard of a resurgent UK Black Metal scene. With an EP, four full length albums, several splits and compilations, two European tours and numerous appearances at prestigious festivals under their belts, “Winter” is the band’s most ambitious, and yet most fundamental expression, yet.

It is an album in which, conceptually, FEN have returned to the roots of their ideology, seeking to embrace and distil all that inspired them when they first set out on this path over a decade ago – that is, to invoke the ambience of bleak reflection and ancient sorrow that permeates the mysterious landscapes of the fens of Eastern England.

Frontman The Watcher has summarised the album thus:
“With ‘Winter’ we wanted to ‘return to the roots’ of the band so to speak but not in the clichéd, nostalgic way many bands do – instead, we wanted this record to represent the ‘essence’ of Fen in terms of tone, atmosphere and above all concept. This album therefore very much describes a journey towards sanctity and redemption across a landscape steeped in mystery, hints of forgotten darkness and sorrows long since drowned in the distant past. It represents the culmination of over 18 months of writing and rehearsing, pushing ourselves harder and harder as musicians – it is a lengthy and self-indulgent record for which we make no apology for. Indeed, it is a fitting tribute to mark ten years of the existence of Fen.”

The scene is set. Cold. Empty. Desolate. A figure stares solemnly across a patchwork landscape of peat fields, the thin wisps of leaf-stripped trees swaying mournfully in the icy winds that bite through to a man’s very marrow. The sun’s light bleeds in sickly trails from the enveloping greyness of the skies that seem to yawn like an endless, oppressive canyon above. Compelled by this vision of unyielding bleakness, the figure moves, drawn inexorably to… something. Solace, penance, closure or oblivion, the pull is irresistible, a palpable sense of finality blossoming exponentially. And with each leaden footfall, the freezing breath of winter calls louder… louder… louder.

More information about FEN can be found at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fenofficial/?fref=ts
Bandcamp: https://fenuk.bandcamp

MySpace: https://myspace.com/fenband

auralmusic: http://www.auralmusic.com/

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