Al Ard brings Darkness back with their unhuman and hostile Industrial
Black Metal mixed with Disturbed Dubstep, Cosmic Noise and Dark Paranoia. influenced by bands like Dodheimsgard, Red Harvest, MZ412, Brighter Death Now, Aborym and DiabolicuM.



COD.5111 – Lead vocals, Bass, Drum machine

Symor Von Dankurt – Synth, Programming, Sampling, Vocals

|x|on – Guitar, Programming, Sampling



1 – Nero
2 – For a Hint of Divinity
3 – Pillar . Past . Present
4 – Who Wants to live Forgotten
5 – Strange Old Practice I
6 – Red Bourbon
7 – Strange Old Practice II
8 – Scrutinizing A Glimpse of Chaos

Al ard is a band born in 2011 in Sicily, actually active in the north of Italy, between Turin and Pavia. The genre is a mixture of Industrial and
black metal sounds, with D’n’B and Dubstep elements.

Al ard project was born during the autumn of 2011. They are part of a cluster of deviated bands called Nera Cooperativa Sicula, whose basic
element is the fraternal cooperation and whose aim is the experimental creation of „sickness“, whether it be music either visual and sensorial

The electronic background is projected to the brutal D’n’B and Techstep sounds, also swithcing to uncommercial and impact Dubstep interpretations. During the speediest parts, the result of the mixture is violent and immediate, although the most agressive moments are when the electronic sounds are totally fused with the black metal’s rithmic.




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