A Place Both Wonderful And Strange – The City Smells Like Cat Spit EP

A Place Both Wonderful And Strange is the Brooklyn-based „occult electronic“ duo of Russ Marshalek and Laura Hajek.

–David Lynch-foundation commissioned performance that’s toured/sold out venues like MassMOCA, PhilaMOCA and Richmond’s The Great Southern, and been on bills with the likes of Laural Near (the Lady In the Radiator).
–Been featured in Rolling Stone, Huffington Post, Mishka, .
–Opened/performed with the likes of The Crystal Method, Father Murphy, True Body, Pictureplane, Tamaryn, Azar Swan

2014: NEW JACK WITCH, the 15 minute single/short film, released via MISHKA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jzv5EMUEVqM

2015: Sorry For Your Loss LP on Digital/Cassette (Dagger Forest Records)

2016: The Laura Palmer Deviations (soundtrack to David Lynch-foundation commissioned performance) on OWLs (own label). PROM NIGHT (single) released, video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91GLwbY1zGc

2017: WHAT I SPEAK I CREATE released on Sony/The Orchard
First ever US Tour

2018: East coast/midwest tour
COVERUPS covers dual a-side out
THE CITY SMELLS LIKE CAT SPIT EP out Aug 24/release show Aug 25
OCT 27 2018 return of HALLOWEEN IN THE BLACK LODGE, apbwas‘ calling card Halloween Party, ft performance of THE LAURA PALMER DEVIATIONS, David Lynch Foundation-commissioned audio/visual/dance piece

Die neueste EP –  Die Stadt riecht nach Katzenspucke