BLANK – kostenlosen digitalen Single „Thanatosis“ – including Interview

Nach ein paar Jahren der Stille kehrt das italienische dunkle elektronische Projekt BLANK mit einem neuen Album zurück, das alle zufriedenstellen soll, die sich für herzliche, synthetische Musik begeistern.

Vor der kostenlosen digitalen Single „Thanatosis“ (erhältlich auf der Bandcamp-Seite der Band) setzt “ Drifting Slowly “ die knackige elektronische Forschung fort, die mit dem vorherigen „Dark Retreat“ in voller Länge begonnen hat.

Nachdem Davide Mazza einige Zeit als Synthesizer mit den Darkwave-Legenden Kirlian Camera verbracht hat, hat er sich in sein Heimstudio zurückgezogen, um diese inspirierende Reise aus dunklen Tönen, klaren Träumen, seltsamen Techniken und synthetisierten Sequenzen zu absolvieren: elf neue Tracks, die verschiedene Einflüsse und Atmosphären frei mischen Streifzüge durch Stile und Genres und eine faszinierende Zusammenarbeit mit Elena Alice Fossi von Kirlian Camera.

Das Album wurde am Silvesterabend fertiggestellt und zeigt eine Welt, die scheinbar in Richtung unangenehmer Küsten driftet. Das Album erscheint in einer Welt, die aufgrund einer Ansteckung blockiert ist. Es scheint, dass wir driften, aber vielleicht nicht so langsam.

Interview with BLANK

KKM: Hello. Thanks for the interview. Can you give us a bit of a background on BLANK and how you came up with the name?

Thank you for spending some time with us! BLANK formed 20 years ago, when Davide and Riccardo, two guys who were passionate about industrial and electronic music decided to buy a couple of synthesizers and see what could happen. After two very successful demos, we were signed to canadian Artoffact Records, and in 15 years we’ve published with them three albums, four singles and a split. Since this year, though, we’re a full independent project and for the new album we decided to try the self-publishing route. Our name was chosen because back when we started, we both came from previous music experiences and this was a new beginning, a story yet to be written – thus a ‘blank’ to fill with our new music, ideas, creativity.

KKM: Your new Album is named „Drifting Slowly“. What can you tell us about it?

As I said it’s a self-released album – again, a new beginning. It’s been written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered at home. It’s a mix of everything I love musically speaking, so it’s really diverse in its influences, atmospheres and sound palettes. It’s got tracks to make you dance but also to daydream about. Thematically, it’s a reflection on how I see our world today… slowly drifting towards an unavoidable apocalypse. I’ve worked very hard to make an album that could be interesting musically but also in its lyrical contents. I hope people will make the effort to dig a little into it because… it’s really good!

KKM: The musical landscape has changed dramatically from what it used to be. Bands are no longer simply doing the album tour arrangement. What is your idea to navigate through the changing times at the moment?

As a band who didn’t get many request to play live during the years, I am not sure I have a plan. Small artists who don’t have a huge following have a hard time finding places to play, and even to find audiences. Now with the pandemic, it’s become even worse, so every artist will have to find new ways to get some attention and to constantly engage people. I don’t know how honestly – but hard times usually ignite creativity, so I am somehow optimistic.

KKM: Aside from geography, what do you think separates BLANK from other artists in the electronic world?

Oh, I am not sure it is for me to say – but I strongly believe our production quality is really good – I’ve spent nights after nights after nights checking every single detail to ensure everything we do sounds as perfect as possible; also I don’t think there are many projects out there that mix so many different influences to create something that it’s such an original balance of industrial-style aggressiveness, electro-pop-oriented melodies and dark, bittersweet atmospheres. If you enjoy heartfelt, creative electronic music, you should like Blank. ;-)

KKM: How have you adapted with the current climate of the coronavirus? Have you done any streaming?

Not yet, but I intend to. It’s not easy to prepare a worthy performance, and my little time and big perfectionism don’t help. But I’ll get there, as anyone. I believe streaming will become a regular thing for all artists.

KKM: Are you involved with any other projects or remix work for other artists?

I’m a frequent collaborator of Kirlian Camera, for which I play synths live, I have remixed them and worked with them in the studio many times. In about 20 years of career we’ve remixed lots of artists, to name just a few: Stromkern, Caustic, Spectra*Paris, davaNtage, Unter Null, Blume, The Crystalline Effect, Neikka RPM…

KKM: Can you talk about the cover art from „Drifting Slowly“?

It’s a photo I took from my house when it was raining, focusing on the rain drops rather than the outside landscape, modified to use the colours of another photo I took at night in New York City, years ago. The juxtaposition of the two elements sits well with the general theme of the album: it’s basically me watching the outside world in a storm, not liking it much, therefore deciding to stay in to see what happens…

KKM: Where do you see social media strategy changing in 2020 for this music?

Good question. There will be a lot of streaming and new platforms will be created in order to provide for online events, some of them will not be free and artists will have to find the right price because people are used to get everything for free. The online presence, keeping people engaged to your profiles and spending lots of time in all kinds of social platforms will probably become paramount. Sadly, I’d say. Time is precious and should be better spent being creative rather than doing continuous promotion!

written by Claudia Tomaszewski

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